Thoughts of Learning

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Learning requires acquiring new ideas, skills or habits or transforming them. Learning is not one process, but is based on experience that has already been learned. This essay discusses competencies which teach improved testing, time management, budgeting and school success. The study also addresses how these skills can be applied in real life.
The field of learning that most influenced my life is control, which allowed me to understand a lot about time management. It is important to learn how to handle your time in school, because it helps you to do a lot with very little effort (Mathews, 2015). Proper time management also enables a student me to be a better decision maker as it allows you to study the options available before making a decision, therefore reducing your chances of making a poor decision. Distractions come in different forms. Some distractions during learning include noises from people talking, music or phone alerts (Oregon State University, 2017). Some other distractions are internal such as fatigue, illness or hunger.

Learning how to say no to people during study times is a crucial aspect as it enables one to stay on course and maintain focus. However, it is important to learn how to decline people's requests in a respectful way that ensures you maintain a fruitful relationship with them. Nursing course is very involving and requires one to integrate and relate many different subjects. Therefore, regular studying is essential as they help one to develop proper study habits as well as learn how to manage time and the art of self –discipline properly. Dedication to your education helps with personal and professional development and gives you the strength to deal with challenges arising from the course work.

My views about learning haven’t changed at all since I enrolled for the nursing career. I have always heard it in my heart to help people by providing essential and integrated nursing care to people in need. The enrollment into the nursing career has been a big part of my life.I have always thrived on the idea of making someone’s life better by caring and supporting them to enable them to have better health, wellness, and fitness. I have always yearned to study and be a great nurse. Unfortunately, I couldn't start school soon enough as I had to work several jobs to enable me to fund my education.

Studying comes with strengths and weaknesses. Development of proper study schedules has always given me the upper hand as I can plan well for my study time. Concentration in lectures is also a key strength for me as I can follow lectures keenly and understand a majority of the concepts presented. However, managing exam anxiety has always been a major weakness for me, which is usually a combination of tension and fear of failure.

Recognizing my weakness has been a significant step towards solving the problem. I have been undertaking more practice tests to boost my confidence and enable me to get over anxiety to overcome the fear of failure (Feldman, 2014). I have also been working on ensuring I enhance my strengths. I do this by studying regularly and listening keenly to lectures while avoiding possible distractions.

Nursing career is a line of work I have always wanted to pursue, and I work hard to be successful so that I change the lives of people. I am determined to study carefully and design a strict and thorough reading schedule to enable me to achieve my goals of being a great nurse.


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