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The Relationship Between Breakfast Skipping, Breakfast Place, and BMI Changes

The authors of this article investigated the relationship between breakfast skipping, breakfast place, and BMI changes in Hong Kong primary school students by monitoring a two-year survey of 68606 young respondents who participated in the SHS department study. They found that students who skipped breakfast and ate out gained weight and had a higher BMI than anyone who ate at home within two years. Breakfast skippers compared to out-of-home meals, home-stayers drank milk and ate less junk food, and their parents had a high level of education and a stable paycheck. Therefore, the authors pointed out the findings imply that parents with tertiary education are more inclined to select healthier food for their children and have an influence on their children's dietary practices. In light of the research result, authors recommended that parents should encourage their children to have breakfasts at home, and uneducated parents should be informed about the importance of proper nutrition.

Gender Perspectives on Eating Patterns and Attitudes of Hong Kong Adolescents

By analyzing the data from 28 secondary schools in Hong Kong, the researchers investigated the gender perspectives on eating patterns and attitudes of Hong Kong adolescents. According to the study, Hong Kong adolescents consider flavor and cost as their primary factors while they made food choices. A large number of them stated that even if they were empty, they still kept eating tasty food. For views of gender difference, female students paid more consciousness than male students on body weight. 66% of females will feel upset when they find themselves overweighed compared to males. The number of females who prefer choosing low-fat milk and avoiding fat from meat was higher than males also; the view that the eating behavior is linked with student perception toward body image was also considered. Based on the findings, the researchers pointed out the fact that girls had healthier dietary practices than boys. This could be as a result of their desire to keep looking slimmer.

The Impact of Fast-food Shops, Restaurants, and Convenience Stores on Teenager Dietary Consumption

To survey 42 secondary schools chosen, the investigators aimed to examine how Hong Kong teenager dietary consumption affected by the accessibility to fast-food shops, restaurant, and convenience stores in the neighborhood as well as socio-demographic factors. They found that there is a definite relationship between adolescent's intake of fatty food and junk food/soft food with the presence of fast-food shops and convenience stores in their neighborhood. Restaurants’ menu is rarely associated with vegetables and fruits. Additionally, wealthy family and sex were shown as moderators. The only group with an economy less well off consume accessible fast/junk-food and fatty food nearby, whereas affluent adolescents would rather have fruits at home. Investigators also indicated that boys who had fast food shops near their homes were far likely to consume junk food than girls. Given the result, they suggested that society should try to provide the alternatives that serve as healthier and low-priced food in shops.

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