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To what degree did the Vietnam War benefit America?

In an attempt to sabotage the rise of communism, the United States of America participated in the Vietnam War. There was a competition between South Vietnam and North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Communist nations such as the Soviet Union and China offered support to North Vietnam (Herring, 132). The Communists did not recognize democracy, waged unjustified military violence, did not value human rights, and established a market climate of limited participation by imperialist nations. America regarded communism as a communicable epidemic that would quickly spread to other nations mingling with it if one world were to collapse (Kahin, 96). The Communist Party seized power in China in 1949, and and being influential at the North Vietnam, President Truman feared China soon would soon convert Vietnam into a communist Asian domino. In effect, in 1950 Truman decided to support the French who were battling the Vietminh (Herring, 139).
At first, America sent advisers to Vietnam and they were instructed to retaliate in the event they were attacked. Little by little America sent more advisors and troops, and by 1969, 545000 troops were already in Vietnam. As America got itself involved more in Vietnam, it became harder to retreat as this would be considered as a Communist victory (Herring, 145). Therefore, America continued to be in Vietnam until 1975 just before the southern city, Saigon was captured.
Unlike the Vietnam War, where America entered willingly, the Second World War was provocative. After heavy losses in ww1, America decided to remain neutral in the wars that were going on in Europe. Furthermore, being separated by two oceans, America felt that the wars were none of their business (Adams, 67). However, after an unexpected attack by Japan on Pearl harbor, America was obliged to join the war. Nonetheless, in both wars, America’s superior weapon production and troops were very essential.

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October 07, 2021

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