Tourism in Columbiana: Significant Revenue Source

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Tourism is a significant revenue source for many countries, because during holidays and recreational activities, tourism attracts both local and international visitors. In due course, investors also find time in the countries they can invest in to explore business opportunities. This results in the country's overall economic growth. In Columbiana's Caribbean beaches the historical buildings, rain forest, mountains, beaches, and premium-class hotels are likely to attract more visitors with sufficient developmental changes. The study focuses on ways in which Columbiana can attract more travelers when tourist sites improve.
Business Model
The country will adopt the freemium business model. This will be the most suitable mode of engaging the initial visitors via internet use where promotions may be conducted. Free gifts such as a free ticket for partners will enable first-timers to have an experience that will make them want to come the next seasons. Moreover, the snowball means of referral is also effective with freemium business model given that a person with a good exploration experience of a place refers colleagues who are also interested in a vacation. Websites will be very useful in displaying the classic pictures of the tourist sites that are appealing to the visitors. It will provide further information regarding the possible services that are available in the tourist centers. Websites also provide platforms of communication and further inquiries for the customers.
Columbiana will thus employ a team that will be qualified to answer and clarify concerns of the tourists before they decide to come. The same individuals will work with the websites convincing the visitors that Columbiana is the best place to spend the leisure time, by promoting the activities that are made available and the nature of food served.
Domain Name
'' is the domain of choice for the tourism project given that the name alone provides all the alternatives that make the search easier in the internet for a visitor. The domain is memorable considering that it is directly linked to Columbiana and can thus be easily remembered by browsers. Its short name makes recalling and interpretation simpler. The domain will be valuable in linking the tourist sites to the rest of the world by displaying information and marketing sites. The same website will be significant in ensuring that feedback is obtained from the tourists who attend the sites. Complaints and dissatisfactions can also be openly addressed and additional adjustments made to suit the consumption taste of the customers. The Columbiana domain will also function to post its latest information to the natives so that significant news such as job opportunities can be advertised on the same website.
The domain will be full of information regarding all the facts about the tourist sites beginning from the history to the video clips of some fun activities that other travelers have faced (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). A tour guide will also be able to provide clear directions and location of the tourist sites so that visitors, both from Columbiana and outside the country, can easily find their way to the parks. It is though the domain which promotions will be issued to encourage more people to visit the website so that they can have better understanding regarding the Columbiana's attractive places.
Webhosting facilitates organizations and industries to post information concerning their business on the created websites, hosted by server owners that enable internet users to access the domain. Columbiana tourism domain will be registered with the which allows wide range of access by internet users and also makes it cheaper for the country to receive all the services at relatively cheaper price of $1.11 per month. The website will thus be able to conduct effective e-commerce and marketing, so that it can create increased awareness of the tourism services in Columbiana.
E-commerce in the website will enable visitors to book and pay for the occasions, therefore, their reservations can be prepared early enough. By so doing, the tourism management will become more efficient in ensuring that the necessities of the customers are well considered before their arrival so that comfort is maximized (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). With the websites displays of all the available options, internet pre-requisite will make it much easier for the traveler to choose the residential hotels based on their needs and the number of friends and relatives. The consumer type business of e-commerce will enable the management to provide reliable services to the customers sitting in the comfort offices and homes (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). The Columbian tourism personnel will conduct adequate research regarding the periods of the months when different countries have increased vacations, as a result, the attention can be focused basing on knowledge management.
Columbiana has a good opportunity of improving its source of revenue through adequate advertisement. The independent country should utilize the available resources it has to make an income for itself. The project must be inclusive of the local tourist so that first hand feedback is used in making the effective changes in the field. The tourism industry has to employ qualified and skilled managerial staff as well as internet marketers who have the required experience in promoting and improving the image of the sites for the global community.
_x005F Reference
Laudon, K. C., & Laudon, J. P. (2016). Management information systems: Managing the digital firm. Pearson Inc.

October 20, 2021

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