Trumps ability to unite determined his leadership

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Former US President Barack Obama delivered an address on November 9, 2016, in reference to President Donald Trump's victorious entrance into the White House. He started by congratulating Republican President-elect Donald Trump. Obama urged a peaceful transfer of power from his government to Donald Trump's regime. He did, however, stress that it was obvious that he and President-elect Donald Trump had petty disagreements as President Trump had refused his invitation to the White House to grace the occasion when he delivered his last speech clearing the way for the power transfer process. Having had already spoken to the president-elect to congratulate him on his victory, he expressed his desire for the president-elect to endeavor to unite Americans regardless of whether they are republicans or democrats. Obama pointed out that he was heartened by the phrase President Trump made after his win, that all that he wanted was the best for America through a direct conversation with him, he states that urged him to keep up with that spirit throughout his presidency. With the vice president Joe Biden beside him, he affirmed that the country was rooting the success of Donald Trump, the president-elect, in not only leading the United States of American but also uniting the country (Time Staff).

In his remarks, former president Barrack Obama reminded Americans of what he had demonstrated earlier in a video clip before votes were tallied. He said that regardless of the side the American people belonged or whether they were candidates or not in the elections, one sure thing is that the sun that sets in the evening would rise in the morning and that he affirmed that afternoon when he was making his speech. He confessed his unexpected turnout of events as far as elections were concerned, however, he put across that election had passed and that a way forward was the antidote to the situation, especially to those who were disappointed (Time Staff). According to Obama, what America needs to include unity, sense of belonging and identity, respect for the various institutional structures in place, appreciated American culture which is unique and diverse, respect to constitution which contains the rule of law and the respect for one another regardless of their side, republicans or democrats since all are still Americans. He put it clear that individuals were neither Democrats nor Republicans first, but they were Americans first, therefore, unity is inevitable regardless of any significant differences between the two parties. With reference to his team, Obama urged them to keep their heads up for the incredible work they have done during his government. They have amended, formulated and implemented policies that have catalyzed the proper running of United States as a government for last eight years and as a result, the incumbent leadership would find a stronger government compared to the one he found from George Bush eight years down the line (Time Staff).

President Obama stated that he was very proud of Hillary Clinton despite the fact that the election did not favor her. He testified that having served as a public servant, senator, and most of all as a first lady during the reign of her husband as the president of United States, she demonstrated extraordinary commitment and excellence in her duties. He described her as a role model who Americans look up to and affirm that her candidacy and nomination will remain to be historic. Referring to her, he called upon all daughters in America not to give up as far as politics are concerned. Besides, he was confident that Secretary Clinton and her husband, President Clinton would continue doing good works not only in the United States but also all over the world.

Obama outlined that in politics and campaigns, there must be surges in terms of winning and losing, being happy and being sad and one thing a candidate can do is to encourage themselves and rejuvenate for the next round. That is the nature of competitions since not all the contestants cannot win. He encouraged the younger candidates who had lost to take heart and try again next time. Citing himself as an example, he said that despite losing elections before, he persisted until he made it at last. He observes that America has never operated on a straight and defined line since while some folks think America is moving forward, others think it is moving backward. He, however, underscores that that is the nature of politics and to help ourselves, we presume to have good faith in our citizens to enable a vibrant and functional democratic government (Time Staff).

Obama explained that despite the challenging nature of a democratic state in terms of elections, it has been of much significance when it comes to reaching out to all citizens in America and the rest of the country and also liberating most African states through the provision of the constitution offering options for freedom and human rights. He echoed Hillary Clinton for fighting for what is right is worth it and urged the young people to stand up and fight for what is right, what is going to make a difference for America. Obama placed more emphasis on the nature of politics compels the candidates to sell their manifesto thinking that they are the best. He, however, pointed out that once losing an election means that the candidates learn from their mistakes and make necessary corrections for the next round (Time Staff).

Referring to the transition of power, Obama used an analogy of a relay race. He confirmed that once the runner takes the button, they do their best and make significant progress to reduce the workload of the next runner taking the button. With regard to the later, Obama confirmed that despite the differences, his team and President Trump's team is one and they are running the same race which is uniting Americans and developing the United States of America. By using such an analogy, he committed himself to do all he could to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Relating the transition scenario at that time and the one when President Bush government was giving in to his government, he outlined that despite the existence of some petty though significant differences between him and President George Bush, his team was committed to ensuring that President's Obamas team hit the ground running. He urged his colleagues to follow the example of George W Bush’s team and offer the team of President Donald Trump the necessary support to ensure that the mission of uniting and developing America is upheld at very high standards. He reminds his team that the Presidency and the Vice Presidency is bigger than the way it is normally presumed (Time Staff).

It is evident from the speech of the former President Barrack Obama that once the transition is peaceful and appreciated, the hallmarks of American democracy would be upheld. This was necessary because the whole world was waiting and anticipating what would hit the United States of America now that the unexpected happened. President Obama was there to prove to the world wrong had it expected upheavals due to the America's election results.


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