Trumps Proposal to Fortify The US-Mexico Border

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Donald Trump's proposal to extend and fortify the US-Mexico border wall from a functionalist perspective
The functional perspective pioneered by sociologists such as Emilie Durkheim and others like Herbert can be seen in Trump's decision to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. The wall that Trump plans to make would preserve internal order between the United States and Mexico, allowing the two countries to remain relatively secure and free of interference. The wall is primarily intended to provide stability to the United States. According to Trump, the wall would be a weapon for immigration stability and limiting extremism and violence. It should also be able to create stability in the airports by reducing overcrowding. In one of his interviews, Trump dismissed the state of the border security as a joke and insists that he will keep his wall pledge. He is also realistic since his initiate will only add miles of fence then reinforce the existing fencing as key, deploy border guards’ stadium lights and install the high – tech detection surveillance equipment (Andrea 2).
Apply the conflict perspective to Trump’s proposal to extend and fortify the US- Mexico boarder
Karl Marx’s Conflict theory can also be applied in Trump’s concept of building the US – Mexico wall. Being the leader of US, Trump is using this wall to protect the limited resources for the US citizens which according to him are being shared with people from other nations especially immigrants from Mexico. The urge to build the wall according to Trump is due to the fact that economic security and stable employment can be reaffirmed by the construction of the wall; it will reverse the income inequality that has devastated the American working class (Moreno 3). He states that true immigration will also end the extreme exploitation that the undocumented workers face and solve issues related to poor working conditions and substandard pay.

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October 20, 2021

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