Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

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I can honestly say that Tuesdays with Morrie falls in the list of my favorite books for one main reason. while the book happens to quite sad, it gives a great deal of hope to the reader as well. the book details some complex dilemmas that are all too prevalent in life and it incorporates a true life story in an attempt to express the fear that grips all of us t the thought of losing someone we love without having a chance to say goodbye. Additionally, the book expresses the fear of one’s demise bearing in mind that one led a meaningless life. Tuesdays with Morrie talks of t reunion between a student with his former professor which profusely emphasizes the need to live life to the fullest and setting one’s priorities right. Generally, most people remain in pursuit of their purpose in life a pursuit which, for many, entails seeking wealth, fame and recognition. however, Tuesday with Morrie challenges the reader to look at life more deeply carefully assessing and evaluating one’s choices in order to arrive at a sounder and worthwhile priorities.

The book does not address the issue of faith directly but it addresses the need to live a fruitful and fulfilled life. Morrie, the professor in this book had in his last days made first to impress on his student, Mitch, on what really matters in life. Since graduation, Mitch had relentlessly tried to create a name for himself as a famous musician. Unfortunately, this had failed prompting Mitch to result to another line of the work so to speak which involved writing about the fame of others. He did this as a sportswriter. The death of Mitch’s uncle suddenly made him realize how precious his time was making him feel like he was missing out on it.

Morrie discussed his philosophies with Mitch on what life is all about encouraging him to do the same. In so doing, however, Morrie was no looking for sympathy from Mitch but rather an open heart and mind. As such Morrie explicitly discussed his strengths and weaknesses with mitch to impress on him that he, Morrie, was not perfect but even with his limitations he made efforts to lead a fruitful life. Needless to say, these conversations impacted mitch profusely. Mitch informs that the last classes with his professor used to once every Tuesday in the professor’s study. Unlike other classes, the Tuesday class did not involve class readings. The subject was the meaning of life which Morrie gladly taught from experience. According to Morrie, life is in itself a reason to learn, experience and teach philosophy which he shared with mitch without hiding his excitement in doing so. he viewed death not a final farewell but as a new beginning, giving one an opportunity to reflect. The last line of his memoir reads ‘the teaching goes on.’

A common experience of most of the people going about their life is that it is full of strife, heartaches, bitterness, remarkable experiences, love, pain and faith. If nothing, Tuesdays with Morrie gives a great deal of hope to people who are downtrodden and those whose remain in search of the meaning of life. According to Morrie, life is about creating your own culture and being confined to conventions, devotion and loving unconditionally.

December 12, 2023

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