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The race is packed with different meanings that inspire discomfort, anxiety, and aggression. There is no direct connection to the idea of race, but no scientist would assume that it does not exist in the universe (Marks n.p). Although experts tell us that there is no race, it is different from people who have suffered prejudice, making it more powerful in altering people's lives in tragic and regular ways. Initially, race is a conflict that the assault on the Vernon Dahmer family will explain. Racism results in property damage, loss of life and inequality and encourages one group of individuals to target each other (Marks n.p). Moreover, people use differences between them with the hope that their particular and individual lives will be better.

Secondly, race a history where people used to classify individuals of different origins. Furthermore, race refers to the natural category and a negotiation between sequences of biological differences and series of understood distinction. However, human diversity and race are diverse subjects that do not map to each other. There are no numbers of small groups that human beings can be collapsed in nature thus the concept of race originated from fault scientists (Marks n.p). All people are similar since the genetic findings indicate that human beings are more than 97 percent similar to each other thus race is fiction. One species has got no divisions hence human beings belong to Homo sapiens sapiens indicating that race does not exist. Nevertheless, we look different because of genetic mutation, evolutionary adaptations and the introduction of genes via trade (Marks n.p). Individuals are treated differently due to insignificant variations making the race to have no meaning. Also, race is ingrained in our society such that every person understands his stands in the world, but the truth cannot be found in science making it poetry and a social construct.

Work Cited

Marks, Jonathan. "Understanding Race." YouTube, 3 June 2014, www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMxrrK-bao0.

October 20, 2021

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