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Unfair Life

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Imagine what lifestyles is a brother and sister with the only family member they have being their grandmother. The brother who is the eldest ensures that he leaves school with his sister so that they can meet their grandmother to go home. Their grandmother is a beggar in the streets, and relies upon on well-wishers in the streets to fend for the two young children. In some cases, if the grandmother does not find any money, this implies that the youngsters will have to sleep hungry. Although she is weak, she does her best to ensure that the children get at least one meal per day.
One day, the brother and sister depart school to meet their grandmother. On this day, she has been successful, and managed to borrow a few coins from well-wishers. The three proceed to the local retail shop to purchase eggs and bread. At the shop, the brother and sister see other children enjoying shopping with their parents, but for them they only have their grandmother. Once their grandmother finishes her shopping, she realizes that the money she has cannot pay for the three eggs, and one has to be returned. When they get home, grandmother prepares the meal, and serves it to the children. One of the children seems concerned that their grandmother is not going to eat, and she tells them that she had already eaten. All this is an effort by the old lady to ensure that the children are full before she can eat. When the children finish grandmother starts to eat their leftovers, and does not want the children to know. However, the children return to find their grandmother eating the leftovers, and the sight of this is heartbreaking. Life can indeed be unfair.

August 09, 2021


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