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Privileges will have an effect on our everyday lives in both good and negative ways. According to Peggy Mclntosh, 1988, skin color was most featured than other privileges. The author said that sexism has been informed as something that puts other groups at a disadvantage. She further said that white people are trained and keep in mind that their lives are usual and regularized such that they still strive to favor and help other people. This experience, however, provides subtle yet significant confidence that these people of high class and even expect other people's favors. As much as this article has been structured to counter racial differences, the writer has a hidden agenda of promoting the advantages of the whites. This is due to the fact that by educating the whites to take out their hidden pack doesn’t cause them to be more interested in taking relevant action in the fight against racial injustice but instead making them to be more relaxed and even more comfortable with the color, for example she says that most of the time she could go shopping alone and be sure that nobody could go after her nor give her a bad time but does not say how this for instance in fighting racism or how such benefit could be extended to black people so that they can feel comfortable and protected as well.

The writer also analyses ways in which this discrimination and anti-discrimination are being demonstrated in the American schools and therefore make a conclusion that tutors who buy this ideas may backup this racial discrimination without knowing, however, as much as their aim is to bring an end to various inequalities, their practices seems to encourage the dominance of voices and experiences of the whites as opposed to those of the blacks.

This paper gives a focus on identifying the whites identity over various structural amenities through giving more attention to the involvement of the white people than to those of the blacks by maliciously attributing that through giving this or through mentioning privileges will make the blacks to take social action that may be of great benefit to them.

In conclusion to this criticism the statement that people of one color (white) is more advantaged than the other (blacks) is not meant to suggest that the white do not have the ability to act in a more responsible way but instead to introduce misjudgment believing that what is more important to black sovereignty and fairness is majorly reliant on what the whites have to state about themselves.

Christianity is another largest group with privileges for example many Christians enjoy the benefit to spend their religious holidays for instance Charismas and Easter holiday outside their work places. They have the ability to travel across the country assured of security and free from intimidation. They also do not have to work on their holiest days like Sabbath.

Gender is another related and common privilege in the society and women are usually the victims of discrimination. For example in some communities men are entitled to ownership of all the family property however much as the family has struggled all together to achieve that property, they are the ones entitled to make decisions since they are the heads of the family for example in Hindu communities.

September 21, 2021

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