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Usain Bolt is currently recognized as the fastest man on the planet. He is a seventeen-time world champion in various sprint categories and the owner of at least eight unbeaten world records. He achieved his success largely due to his natural potential. Although in many respects, Usain Bolt owes his achievements to his genetic predisposition, he managed to get out of a poor country and show his name to the world. First and foremost, however, his perseverance and determination played a crucial role in life.

Life and Success

Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica, a developing country at the time where all teenagers saw the only way out "to break into people" in playing football well. That is, everyone started playing this game from an early age and hoped that one day some club would buy them out and they would fly to America. That was one of the reasons Bolt also played football. But at one time he found that he was running very fast compared to his peers. Eventually, Bolt and his peers realized that he might want to try a professional sprinter career. At the same, he never left his football ambitions (Bolt 46). One important factor of success is determination. Even though Bolt became aware of his talent, he did not forget about his ambition and trained even harder, which resulted in the success he has presently.

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His most famous records are the 100 and 200-meter races. Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.57 seconds, and 200 meters in 19.19 seconds. These are short distances, speed, and strength skills development (“Usain Bolt”). This athlete has shown himself in this discipline due to a large number of fast muscle fibers and growth, unlike his opponents.

His height is 195 centimeters and weighs 94 kilograms. An almost perfect ratio, given that it has no subcutaneous fat. In the vast majority of athletes who run, the percentage of fat is minimal. For those who run, it is simply not profitable to be overweight, as it is an unnecessary burden on the ligaments and joints. For Usain's height, his low-fat muscle mass, however, is considered to be huge. He looks out of the ordinary, not like a regular sprinter with a low percentage of fat. On average, he is taller than anyone in his discipline. This gives it an advantage in speed, as it has longer levers. His long arms are also not left out, because in running all the limbs are important, his arms perform a balancing and accelerating function (Čoh et al. 177). It is rather evident that Bolt’s natural stature and body structure were largely determined his career and success, however, none of those characteristics would likely work without proper training and discipline.

Eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt ended his running career in 2017 after performing at the World Championships in London. Then at his final start, he won the "bronze" in the distance of 100 meters, and also could not finish in the 4x100 meters relay. This performance was the worst for the sprinter during his entire participation in the world championships. After that, Bolt officially ended his athletic career. After finishing his career as an athlete, Bolt tried his hand at football. In 2018, the Jamaican trained with the Norwegian Stromsgodset, after which he played a friendly match with the club against the Norwegian U19. Then he played with the number "9.58" in honor of his world record in the 100 meters (Bolt 276). Such a shift can only demonstrate Bolt as a highly ambitious and well-paced athlete. In 2017, Bolt was 31, which is a reasonably considerable age for a professional athlete. The sprinter took that with understanding yet decided to keep himself fit and disciplined largely due to his great devotion to the sport.

In an interview with BBC Sport, the Jamaican athlete admitted that now a new challenge has appeared in his life - he is going to retire from sports and wants to play music. Bolt has already released his debut album Country Yutes, which he has been working on for the past few years. The album includes 14 reggae-style tracks that the athlete performs with other Jamaican artists. Bolt released his first song, Living the Dream, as a single in early 2021 with his friend NJ Walker (Powell). It might appear as Usain Bolt is a rather volatile person that works on many different fronts simultaneously. Yet, at the same time, such a diversity of his interests also largely suggests that he is also quite flexible and adaptable, which was most likely a key factor of his success.


Any marathon runner at the same height as Usain Bolt would weigh a maximum of 80 kg, the sprinter always has a more pronounced muscle mass. This is due to the fact that short-distance runners are usually dominated by fast, explosive muscle fibers. In turn, they are very good at increasing volumes, and marathoners are dominated by slow, durable fibers that grow very poorly. Usain Bolt is an 11-time world champion, winner of the "silver" and "bronze" world championships in a sprint. And he achieved all this with his determination and genetic predisposition to run.

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