Use of Information Systems for Quality Improvement

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There various ways to improve quality through the use of information systems. Most important is the use of information systems to enhance process quality in a business and the information sharing capabilities of information systems.

Information Systems for Quality Improvement

First, information systems augment process quality. Poor process quality in most organizations is a result of inappropriate process structures and inadequate or misuse of process resources. For improvement in process effectiveness and efficiency, information systems are necessary.

First, information systems improve process quality by performing actual activities (Laudon and Jane 49). For instance, a manufacturing firm would require an Inventory Management Information System for tracking of inventory levels. Such an information system would keep track of inventory data, customer orders and sales for efficiency in the process of manufacturing and timely delivery of products in the market.

Information systems also improve quality of processes in other connected ways. They augment a person who performs a business activity and controls the process of data flow for better data quality. Businesses that rely on a manual recording of data are prone to human errors in recording, processing, and storage. As a result, human error reduces the reliability of data and negatively affects process flow. The use of information systems in business, such as the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning allows firms to produce timely and reliable data from all functions of the firm for better decision making. It translates into an improvement of the underlying processes.

Use of information systems leads to improved workflows. A centralized information system such as ERPs offers valuable intelligence for prediction of expected outcomes in customer-related operations such as the supply chain. Information systems help to assess tasks at different functional levels and understand the products that meet the needed quality standards. Use of business analytics offers information on workflows (Laudon and Jane 265). A business can better plan its production and marketing operations. Use of information systems delivers real-time information on changes in business workflows, hence reducing operating costs.

Businesses can also use information systems to perform various activities. For instance, financial institutions require information systems for tracking their credit activities. Large companies also need information systems for better customer relations through processing and analysis of market trends and customer data. Even minor activities such as the ordering of supplies or sales transactions require information systems since manual handling may lead to loss of orders. Therefore, firms need information systems to automate their activities to reduce operational costs and minimize delays and risks in operations.

Another way to use information systems for better quality is by assisting in decision making. Information systems such as decision support systems analyze large volumes of data and present useful information to decision-makers. Intelligent analytics tools provide visibility to decision-makers by analyzing current processes and tasks. Easy data analysis allows decision-makers to arrive at better business decisions. They enjoy scalability as it is easy to establish a new functionality that meets changing business needs.


The use of information systems is good for the improvement of quality in business operations. Companies can rely on information systems to improve their process quality. Information systems perform complex activities with ease and efficiency. Information systems are also used to augment a person who is conducting the activity and controlling process flow, hence translating into improved quality.

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October 30, 2023
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