Value of Health and Wellness

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Roger suffers from poor health since he doesn't get enough sleep when driving long distances. As a result of the person's lack of regular exercise, already elevated blood cholesterol levels continue to rise. Additionally, Roger consumes processed and quick foods, both of which can cause cardiovascular issues. Because Roger smokes, he runs the risk of developing coronary heart disease as well as infections of the respiratory tract. To have a healthy lifestyle, a person should consume healthy meals, give up smoking, and engage in regular physical activity. Due to his drinking and smoking, Jarrod leads a wretched lifestyle. He consumes processed and quick foods, which raise the blood cholesterol level. Jarrod risks suffering from cardiovascular, respiratory, and liver problems. The person must start taking healthy food, stop taking alcohol and smoking, and lastly look for a job so as to be busy.

Healthiness and Wellness Valuation


Roger is a long-distance automobile driver which makes him not have enough sleep most of the time and can result in the poor health such as fatigue and stress. The person is more likely to be obese because of being ever busy and has no time for the regular activity, but only takes the occasional strolls. The person’s body mass index is 30 showing that there is high cholesterol in the body but still keeps on eating fast and processed foodstuffs. Moreover, Roger is a habitual smoker who is capable of taking one packet per day thus increasing the chances of contracting the heart disease as the family has the history of the disease as well as high cholesterol. The assessment shows that Roger is of poor health.

The risk factors are the behaviors that can make an individual more liable to develop an illness. For the case of Roger, one of the risk factors that he faces is the smoking as it increases the chances of contracting the cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and the coronary heart disease (British Heart Foundation, n.d). Smoking destroys the arteries’ lining that results in a fatty material’s build up (atheroma) that narrows the artery and is capable of causing angina, heart failure or even stroke (British Heart Foundation, n.d). The cigarettes have nicotine which arouses the body to generate the adrenaline which raises the heart beat and also elevates the blood force making the heart to work extra hard thus increasing the chances of the heart disease.

The tobacco smoke contains chemicals that are harmful to the blood cells and are also capable of damaging the regular heart functioning as well as the operations of the blood vessels. The tobacco chemical damage increases the risk of contracting atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the medical condition in which a waxy stuff known as the plaque forms in the artery. After quite some time, plaque solidifies thereby narrowing the arteries. Plaque usually confines the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the other organs and body parts (NIH, 2016). For Roger to have a healthy lifestyle away from such conditions, he has to stop smoking with immediate effect.

Another risk factor that Roger is facing is taking fast and processed foods which are rich in cholesterol leading to high cholesterol in Roger’s body as the family is also having a known history of high cholesterol. The genes always control how high or low the cholesterol is by controlling its making or removal from the blood. The good example is the hypercholesterolemia which usually results in the early heart disease ("High Cholesterol Risk Factors", 2017). Also, the fast and processed foods have saturated fats that raise the cholesterol level in the blood thus leading to the heart disease.

For Roger to improve his high cholesterol health condition and to lower the BMI to a reasonable level, first and foremost he should avoid the fast and processed foods which are rich in cholesterol. Roger should also start undertaking a regular physical activity to reduce the chances of contracting a heart disease and also to aid in the lowering of the cholesterol level in the blood. Roger should use the following web sources for consultation based on his health status are,, and


Jarrod is an unemployed person and smokes two packets of cigarettes per day showing that he leads a dangerous lifestyle. The person is a drunkard and is capable of taking over five bottles of alcohol in a day to relieve off the stress because he is jobless. Jarrod is likely to suffer from the respiratory disease because of the smoking habit. Also, he can suffer from the liver disorders such as the fatty liver, cirrhosis, and hepatitis because of too much alcohol. The person mostly takes fast foods or frozen meals increasing the risk of increasing the level of cholesterol in the blood, yet his BMI is already in a poor state, which is twenty and above. The person has no fitness plan at the moment making the health status to deteriorate further as the body keeps on accumulating the cholesterol due to the poor eating habit. So, Jarrod’s health is just pitiable due to the kind of lifestyle he leads.

One of the risk factors that Jarrod faces is the alcoholism which can make him contract the liver disorders. Too much alcohol consumption can cause cirrhosis of the liver and only when one stops drinking is when the rectification of the condition can take place ("Alcohol Poisoning and Liver Disease. Effects of alchohol abuse | Patient", 2017). The alcohol enlarges the liver making it retain much water. Liver cirrhosis is the most complex type of the alcoholic liver damage. The condition’s marking is by the progressive growth of a wound tissue that chokes off the blood vessels and even alters the normal liver functioning. Usually, heavy alcohol drinkers can develop one of the alcohol-induced situation or the combination of the two or all of them.

But in reality, the conditions are always successively related and progresses from the fatty liver to alcoholic hepatitis, then to cirrhosis (NIH, 2000). Nevertheless, researchers have shown that alcoholics can advance to cirrhosis without transient through the visible stage that resembles hepatitis. For that case, alcoholic cirrhosis can come into view insidiously without significant warnings. The fatty liver is always rectifiable if one abstains from taking alcohol. As for alcoholic hepatitis, it may be fatal but is reversible with self-restraint from alcohol. The alcoholic cirrhosis is usually progressive and incurable, but can always stabilize with keeping off from the bottle. The advanced liver complications are severe bleeding in the esophagus veins, brain problems, and even kidney failure. Another risk factor that Jarrod faces is eating fast and frozen meals which increase the body’s cholesterol thus risking suffering from the heart disease. Smoking is another risk factor that Jarrod faces and that increases the chances of contracting the respiratory infections such as asthma, stroke, and the coronary heart disease ("Alcohol Poisoning and Liver Disease. Effects of alchohol abuse | Patient", 2017).

Jarrod needs to stop the smoking habit to reduce the chances of contracting the heart problems. The person should look for a job so as to be busy and avoid smoking and taking too much alcohol which exposes his life to many health related issues. Jarrod should start a fitness plan so as to reduce the cholesterol level in the body combined with the healthy diet. Based on the person’s health status and lifestyle, he should consult the two websites; and


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