Values That Influence Scientific Study

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The moral values that directly influence scientific lookup comprise integrity, honesty, and confidentiality, compliance with the law, and openness among others. In human replica and genetics, a study aimed at the process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in couples with fertility problems is ethically justified. The reason behind the find out about involves catering for the need and social duty of the couple. However, it would be unethical if the research proves that a particular gender is most efficient to another, this will convert the virtue of non-discriminating aspect of scientific research. Therefore, what we goal to achieve should usually be reflective in our values and related not to the desires, however our needs.
D.Q2. Satisfaction of a Successful Research Scientist
As a successful research scientist, I would be satisfied in professional development. Getting involved in different research works would expose me to new skills, innovations and new techniques. The fact that findings of an investigation got published would satisfy my social responsibility need of sharing information with others. Therefore, it creates an informed society on essential aspects of better lives. The scientific study would quench my traveling need since I have to visit different research centers and new places for learning in conferences and seminars. It also enables networking and exchange ideas with other scientists. Working in excellent and secured environments would also help me improve my performance.
D.Q3. Obligations to Society
As a scientific researcher, I must take precautions and measures when doing research. I should reduce risks and harms to maximize the benefits. Confidentiality and privacy should be vital to protect the subject's interests. It is also important to publish findings on pure research and educate the public by the results. This knowledge assists in creating a well-informed society on critical issues that affect them on daily lives. In conclusion, we can say that it is best if we perform research on issues that directly affect our lives and in the society at large.

July 24, 2021

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