Values Which Guide Life

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The human imagination does, in reality, triumph over matter. Everyone has very high willpower; however, the ability is only apparent when it is used. The human mind has the ability to withstand defeats, suffering, and adversity, but only if it is tuned into the correct source. In other words, humans possess the unfathomable intellectual capacity. As a result, they are more likely to overestimate long-term plans while underestimating short-term plans. Thus, in addition to brainpower, imagination combined with the cardinal virtues is needed in shaping a person's performance. These principles are in charge of laying the groundwork for whatever action anyone takes. Thus, people are able to come up with frameworks which would guide their decision making. Since these values are the keys to better life, it is time everybody identified them. Some of these values include:

The first value is resilience which entails reorganizing oneself especially after encountering difficulties. Facing difficult situation at some points in life is a common phenomenon amongst all the members of human nature. These arduous situations may range from the demise of the loved ones to loss of employment. Each person has got his or her own way of dealing with such difficult life events. Majority of people often feel mental drain and emotional exhaustion because of the overwhelming sense of uncertainty which devours them during such times. Although people eventually get over such trauma, the duration taken to wake up from the ‘shock’ is the difference. The efforts and steps taken by people so as to regain their original selves are the determinants of a person’s rigidness or resilience. However, resilience is not only restricted to people’s social lives but is also applicable in their careers. Occasionally, people encounter numerous setbacks at their work places. The ability to get out the traumatic situation is what gives the employee or the organization, a reason to work out or collapse from disquietude.

The second value is prudence which encompasses a person’s thoughtfulness in evaluating situations. At home or workplaces, once in a while, people are caught up in very dilemmatic situations. Thus, it is always needful for those involved to weigh both the risks and benefits in play before initiating an approach. It is necessary to assimilate history and context before an action is launched. This may involve an assumptive check on the decision in accordance to real life circumstances and in regard to the instinctual reactions. The cautionary measures taken are necessitous in the prevention of nonessential detours. With prudence, people are often reminded of the need to listen and learn but not to revert into fear, superstition and cynicism. Such caution enable people to process and make consideration of various issues then make a procession with confidence and clarity. Of course a thoughtful caution will definitely be translated into a healthy action.

The final value is temperance which involves self-control. It does not cost a fortune for people to be orderly to the extent of controlling particular appetites and pleasures. It is important to remember that everybody is capable of getting really mad. In many occasions, people act in this manner just to display the capability of hurting others. However, it takes more strength for the very people to fight their anger but not the offenders. Within the human’s soul is a better and worse side. Everyone is a master to their souls. They are delegated the duty of taking control of their souls whenever the better side is overwhelmed with anxiety from the worse side. Temperance is also a critical value at places of work. Many a time, folks lose jobs just because of their inability to take charge of their emotive thoughts and acts. Therefore, for someone to excel and live happily, perseverance is a score.


Excellence in class does not guarantee happiness and success in life. For somebody to attain the two aspects of life, there is need for strict adherence to particular life values. The values are many; however, there are those which touch on everybody’s life. Furthermore, a person’s decision on which value to embrace is also dependent on what this individual aspires for. Howbeit, the most critical issue is to set a goal and strictly accord with these values. The human life expectancy has deteriorated. The humans have therefore been given a reason for ecstasy. Anyway, how can it feel to be described as a folk who has achieved the best of the best?

November 17, 2022



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