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Various Conflict Resolution Remedies Available to Labor and Management

"Various remedies available for labor and management dispute resolution
In the 21st century, tensions in the workplace rose. The workers claim to do more than they earn compensation. Research justifies the fact that some governments and private companies are unjust to workers in that they pay low wages to avoid meeting their needs. The employers reduce the rate of pay so that their profitability can be maximised. But the act was condemned by a wide number of workers. Potential solutions to solve conflicts have also been implemented. They entail the collective bargaining rights of the employees, alternative dispute resolution, and arbitration. Research unveils that the Wisconsin's collective bargaining has successfully led to the enhancement of the teachers’ working conditions. The teachers unionized where they maximized their bargaining power.
Therefore, it is wise to give the public employees the collective bargaining rights to resolve conflicts in the workplace. The employees collectively interact with the employers, and they discuss matters which undermine their performance. Conversely, the employees can choose a representative to negotiate with the employers to reach an agreement with respect to their grievances (Lewin, David, Jeffrey, and Thomas 776). Precisely, the collective bargaining process helps the employees to reach an agreement with the employers easily. The process involves an effective presentation of the employees’ grievances to the employers where they reach a resolution. Significantly, the method ensures that the negotiations are genuine and constructive. Further, collective bargaining avoids unjustified delays. It is a situation where the method ensures that every employee is fully represented in the negotiations. Conversely, the collective bargaining rights confine the employers and employees into a covenant where the agreement reached is respected. The point asserts that the employers stand to do what they pledge, as well as the employees. Further, the collective bargaining rights ensure that the parties have enough time to discuss the matters.

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July 24, 2021

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