Videos on Ancient Rome

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Nothing is as captivating and interesting as watching the three presented films. They take us back to the past of ancient Rome and lead us, as we have now, through the progression of the kingdom to the papacy. In deed, a dramatic adventure. Most of the questions from the reader are explicitly asked, encouraging those with little background knowledge about typical baroque structures in Italy to have a better understanding (Sorabella, 2000). There are, however, some very key questions that everyone who has seen the videos finds themselves asking themselves. One of them is what inspired the artists in relation to religion in the creative works they carried out. Another very important question is whether the artists practiced their works to perfect them. The final question is if the artists were remunerated for their works as their activities consumed a lot of time. These answers can only be gotten by physically visiting Rome.

The Baroque had a huge impact in the power struggle in Rome and Italy at large. People used drawings and artistic works to express their feelings regarding the way religious and political leaders were behaving during those times. The Baroque shaped opinions and hence had an impact on the choice of leaders that represented the people.

The agenda which was very vital in creation of the videos was the intention to enable people watching understand the traditional Rome and the advent of papacy at large. This can be clearly drawn from the introductory parts of the videos.

The Januszczack video portrays the historical sites in Rome. It takes us through the ancient culture of the Rome people. The video portrays how they led their various lives. It leaves anyone watching with a passionate desire to visit the ancient town to experience the town firsthand. As compared to montefiore videos, this one is more appealing to watch.

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October 25, 2022



Roman Empire

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