Virtual Communications Project: Comparing Virtual Clases to Face-to-Face Interactions

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1. Describe some of the occasions that the led to you choosing online classes
2. What challenges so a long way have you encountered regarding virtual classes?
3. How do you deal with some of the challenges accompanying studying while working?
4. If given any other chance to choose between digital and face-to-face classes, what classes would you go for and why?
5. Do you regret selecting online classes, why or why not?
Virtual classes are a ability of class attendance that is more fabulous for those individuals who are engaged in some different activities such as working while attending classes. This is due to the fact of the flexibility that comes with the option as the participants can manage their classes anytime anywhere as long as it is within the set deadlines. On the contrary, the virtual classes are not appropriate for individuals having plenty of time that they can use in attending face-to-face classes as it can prove to be under-utilizing the time.

The choice of virtual classes is driven by commitments during the normal times for face-to-face classes which are mostly on the weekdays. Even though the virtual classes are a good choice for most students who are working at the same time, it has its flaws such as one being behind the syllabus if they do not keenly follow and attend the classes online. This at least is what most virtual class participants have in common. In this regard, most virtual class participants have different ways of dealing with the challenges as they come by either handling their assignments at odd hours in the night or in between their work schedules when they are free.

Regardless of the tactics used by the online class participants successfully, the virtual classes have made it really possible to overcome the challenges that come with the physical distance between the learners and their instructors and also it has improved other types of virtual communication. One of the areas that it has not been able to fully address is the effectiveness of face-to-face communication that comes with physical class attendance. To try and bridge the gap, the virtual classes sometimes can use video conferencing or Skype for the instructors to virtually have face-to-face interactions.

In conclusion, the virtual classes have been seen to bridge the physical gap between working students and their instructors. Hence it has become the perfect choice for individuals who are not in a good position to attend physical classes because of time constraints either because of distance or other work engagements.

December 15, 2021




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