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On April 25th, my friends and I wanted to explore Chicago in order to see one of the world's largest museums, the Field Museum of Natural History (The Field Museum), which is located in this area. I was joined by six of my friends: Nicholas Brown, Cassandra Williams, Cynthia Beryl, Michelle Corinth, Victor Cahill, and Brian Godwin. My friends and I were nervous when we arrived at the museum, but the stunning landscape and interesting architectural features of the building attracted my interest. The Field Museum is a museum full of history; plenty of scientific materials have been discovered and stored here including Tyrannosaurus rex, a fossilized skeleton that is believed to be 67 million years old. One of the most astonishing features that made me feel like visiting the museum over and over again was the museum’s archives which described the struggle of America during the slave trade era and all the efforts to put a stop to slave trade, the astonishing scientific materials that were stored in the museum; last but not limited to this one was the Pacific Northwest Indian artifacts and artwork (Alexander, 2007). 

In reading the history archives, there is so much to learn and discover the history books describing the struggles of United States. I took my time and impacted a focused broad view on the specific archives that explained the history of America; therefore, I based my whole study on the issue of the slave trade. At first, it was so terrifying on how human beings were mistreated and forced to do hard labor with less food and poor health conditions. Later, as you cruise through the notes of the books liberation came in and a move to stop the slave trade set up in the United States and the whole world as a whole. This was a great move, taken by the American leaders and religious leaders to at least value human life regardless of who they are or what status they belong. One notable fact is that some of these archives have been uploaded and stored online, so that anyone with internet access can be able to access the information and read it.

The Pacific Indian artifacts and artwork were such captivating and remarkable scenery to view and study (VanSledright, 2002). The artwork in graphic form describes the Pacific Indian community and how it came to recognition. The slave trade images and the very people who stood up against it, paintings of mothers struggling in trying to make a better life for their children and not forgetting the artwork that displays the various beliefs the community practiced and the religious customs that guided them through the years. They speak a lot of how technology can be used to dig into ancient times and discover more that has been covered on the surface of the Earth. A perfect example is a fossilized skeleton that was stored in the museum, and the skeleton is believed to be sixty-seven million years old. Many discoveries have been made and stored in the repository for future references and study (Dower, 1993).

It was a memorable visit to the Field Museum of Natural History. After this visit, I proudly say that it was a noble chance to learn additional facts from our history and observe them closely. I would recommend other people to take this extraordinary chance to learn and discover something new and fresh in their lives (Löfgren, 1999).


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July 24, 2021

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