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War Between Spain And the US in the American History

The only goal that America had at that time was to gain victory over Spain since the outcome was vital to the United States. In case that America had lost the Spanish-American war, there would have been severe repercussions both domestically and globally, impacting the whole nation and the government. In the worldwide situation, the loss would negatively impact America's process of growing to a superpower because it would have revealed to all other nations that, indeed, the US can be destroyed and, therefore, it cannot dominate the significant aspects of the entire world. The second international impact of the United States losing the war is that the U.S would have had to come up with various changes regarding its foreign policy. It would have changed the war policy, and thus the U.S would have a voided any international wars in future.
Domestically, if the United States would have lost the war, there could have been serious impacts on various aspects of the country. The first impact would have been economic ramifications due to the financial investment that the country had done regarding the war. The impact on the economy would have been severe because of the loss since it would indicate that the United States had made a wrong investment that it has not benefited from. The second domestic impact of losing the war by the United States would be mistrust that the Americans would have had towards the government. The Americans would have had the notion that their government has been lying to them regarding its military capabilities in winning any international war that the country is involved in. Therefore, the war was crucial to the U.S at the time.

July 24, 2021

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