Web Information and World Wide Web

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The web is a very critical feature in today's age, as shown by the different connections that take place between people in the real world through it. The World Wide Web has created a situation in which humans are being liberated from their conventional intellectual restrictions. The web has enlightened the world to the point that there have been digitalization attempts and it has practically been web reliant. However, as time passes, the internet seems to be moving in a more money-oriented direction than a consciousness-related direction. This has been seen in the modern world, where the internet has taken on many topics.
The Writer's Rhetorical Situation
The author of the article presents a rhetorical situation of the internet’s influence in the personal lives of human beings in the early ages and the new world age. The author elaborates that the internet today is not a reflection of what people used to perceive it in the 1970’s. It has become something different, in relation to the effects it has on the consciousness of humans. The internet in today’s era is more of a business venture and thus it does not necessarily change its users and the author stipulates this by clearly showing that today’s internet is an “echo” of that which was talked about in the 1970’s, only that this time it is driven by technology.
The beginning of the new age era, without the transformation of the human beings, is the idea the author uses to explain the rhetorical situation that the internet has created. The author describes the emergence of the internet in a language of rapture such that the audience is made to understand how a grand network was established. The bringing together of the facts, notions, regions, and processes has seen the internet transform a lot of things in the world but unfortunately not much has been experienced by the human beings during this transformation. The rhetoric situation can be seen in the sense that the rapturing of the internet has caused transformation in almost every other field but the people living on earth are still unchanged by it.
Writer’s Main Claim
The author of the article claims that the web is only a tool for the people to transcend the physical world and that not much can be gained from the internet regarding personal transformation of the human beings. The major reason behind such claim is that the world keeps transforming, courtesy of the internet, but people still get stuck in their same consciousness as they were before. Surpassing the physical world herein is represented by the spiritual status that the internet is purported to create in the near future. The author argues that the web provides a godlike view of existence. The argument further stipulates that the web shall in the near future present a spiritual revelation such that the vision of the gods and their powers shall be within the reach of human beings.
The assumptions underlying the author’s claim is that people are just but symbols speaking to symbols, and that they are bodiless on the internet. Consequently, it is justifiable to say that there shall be a spiritual revelation of the vision of God together with their powers. The notion of people becoming netizens that are free-floating in an enlightened world that the author tries to induce into the audience can be explained as the effect that the web shall have on the spiritual lives of people. It is important to note that the author foresees a spiritual impact but not a personal transformation of the people.
The Writer’s Appeals of Persuasion
There are several appeals that the author uses in this article to persuade the audience. The logic behind the internet granting humans the vision of gods and their powers is explained by going deep into what it can do. The internet, according to the author, is a mega computer that entails a lot of web-related features. The argument of the internet evolving in the future implies that the bodies, senses, and minds of the people shall be extended. The use of pathos is evident in this article in that the author thinks that it is better when the internet is analyzed from a moral point of view rather than just its hardware and software perspectives. Essentially, the moral force that is entailed on the internet helps in the understanding of objectivity for the transcendence. The author, therefore, urges that the internet has to be viewed from a moral point of view and not based on the personal interests of transcending past the physical world.
The author of this article uses figurative language to explain the strides that the internet has made over the years. Wikipedia, for example, the writer says has been praised for the changes it has brought about in matters to do with web content creation such that there has been “a leap beyond the Web 1.0 model of Britannica Online.” The author furthers stipulates that Wikipedia allows human beings to bring their brains together into a common pool of great minds. The author’s theoretical explanations regarding Wikipedia’s reliability is clear evidence that the urge to persuade the audience exists.
Strategies for Creating Persuasive Appeals
The writer of the article uses topic sentences as a strategy to bring out persuasive appeals. The audience is made to understand each idea of persuasion based on the topics that relate to the web. Ranging from the ancient years to the new age of the millennium the topics are introduced, with concrete backing-information to support and give reasons for persuasion following. This is a clear strategy that ensures that the audience gets a better view of the ideas being presented. In this manner, they can get to understand why the writer is persuading them in support of the idea that the internet has not transformed the personal lives of people, but it has had a great impact in other fields. The strategy of explaining issues from a logical point of view has also helped the writer of the article present the persuasive appeals. The logics give the audience a better reason to believe in an idea thus making it easier for them to be persuaded. The author has explained why Wikipedia is not reliable and this helps in persuading the audience.
Effective Construction of the Arguments
The writer’s arguments have been effectively constructed. A small history of events followed by an in-depth explanation of the happenings that come after, give the audience a clear picture of how events transpired. Essentially, the readers are able to make a better decision if the flow of events is chronological such that everything is understood. The author explains the cult of the amateur and the new age world eras in a way that brings out the connection between the two, and the World Wide Web. The transformation that has occurred in other fields can be seen in technological evolutions, but the failure of human beings transformation can also be noted. This is an indication of how good the arguments have been constructed by the writer of the article.
It is, therefore, critical to understand that the web is an important aspect in people’s lives. However, for there to be any transformation in the personal lives of the people the internet should be viewed from a consciousness point of view more than it is currently viewed from a monetary point of view. The personal urge to transcend into the physical world, similarly, objects the transformation of human beings. The author of the article articulates for the need to view the web from the perspective of a moral force.

October 20, 2021

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