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Since web knowledge is my favorite subject, the assignment was easy and exciting. Despite the fact that the web task was very easy, I struggled with it at times, such as while reading the author's post. Writing the paper raised a variety of difficulties, one of which was identifying reliable facts and reputable sources to back up my arguments. When choosing the references to use for the article, I kept a few points in mind.

Following the selection of a source, the next major difficulty was to identify the types of rhetoric used by the author in the paper. Trying to figure out the writer’s rhetorical situation was quite problematic, but I was able to identify it. The other challenge I faced was trying to understand various technical terms the author used in the article.

Despite writing the paper, there were strengths and weaknesses I must admit. Getting the paper done in the shortest time possible was among my strengths. The more the number of pieces I completed, the process of writing became simpler. Finishing the piece seems to be easier than ever before. My weakness includes using one strategy when tackling all my assignments as it does not apply to all tasks.

One thing I learned about writing is that I always discover new ideas when faced with difficulties in completing the paper. My other strength is that I am not a person, who consumes a lot of time trying and writing down brainstorming ideas as they come.

In conclusion, I must confess that working on this paper improved my thinking and it was a lifetime experience that I will apply in my career.

October 13, 2022

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