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Several crucial factors are related with faith-based and spiritual agencies in an organization, according to the Week 1 reading. The most crucial point is organizational self-identity. When determining whether an organization is religious or secular, self-identity can be utilized as a criterion. Secular organizations obviously have secular names and purpose statements. However, these organizations' religious counterparts are frequently inconsistent. A higher proportion of religious organizations have religious names and use religious terminology in their mission statements. Their logos also contain some religious symbols. It is, therefore, right to assume that identifying a faith-based organization, individuals can use at least one component of their public presentation.

The second point was of the participants and leaders in the faith-based organization. The faith-based organization mostly relies on volunteers. The average number of faith agencies utilize volunteers at a very higher rate compared to the secular agencies. The volunteers are always the program supervisors and clerks. Religious staffs are very essential in accomplishing the mission of the faith-based agencies. Also, the recruitment decisions in the faith-based agencies take much consideration on religion. The most likely individuals to be hired are always got from the congregation.

The third point is on the material sourcing among the secular and faith-based religions. The secular agencies receive much funding from government and other secular agencies to support their functions. Religious agencies get little of such aids. The faith-based agencies only rely on the contributions from the congregations and other religious organization. This is a clear evidence of the religious source of funding.

Finally, the reading addressed the differences in decision-making and information processing among the secular and faith-based agencies. The secular organizations depend on secular expertise to help them in making decisions in functioning and management of the agencies. Religious centers depend on spiritual leaders for guidance in both leadership and managerial functioning. The lesson was much interesting, and it gave a clear disparity among the two agencies.

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