Weight Watchers Marketing Strategy

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Weight Watchers International is one of the world's leading private weight loss control firms. The organization is well-known for its weight reduction programs, which have benefited millions of people in over 30 countries over the past five decades. Jean Nidetch and a group of friends founded the company in Queens, New York, in 1963. Despite contributing to several weight loss management firms, the entrepreneur suffered with weight issues and received no assistance (Weight Watchers International Inc., 2017). She found that losing weight is a complicated problem that necessitates a mix of lifestyle changes, physical exercise, and community networks in order to be effective. Hence, unlike other weight loss management companies that focus on diets (what to eat and what not to consume) Weight Watchers objective is to help its customers create a healthy lifestyle for their weight loss goals. The founder realized that although diets are critical in achieving weight loss goals, lack of moral support often hinders one’s goal of weight loss. Thus, Weight Watchers focuses on providing group support since moral support is fundamental in weight loss and maintenance as much as self-help learning sessions in both short-term and long-term achievement (Blazier, 2017). The purpose of this essay is to discuss a potential target market (Nauru) for Weight Watchers and the best entry methods which can be employed to maximize success.

The Republic of Nauru

According to World Health Organization (2007), the Republic of Nauru is one of the smallest, but fattest countries in the world in the 21st century. Marks (2010) assert that the rate of obesity has been on the rise in the last couple of years, and it has become a national disaster. UN report shows that there has been a gradual rise in obesity-related diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, and stroke among others (Marks, 2010). It is critical to note that weight loss management is a complex issue since though people are taught about dieting, little has been achieved. Therefore, for the Republic of Nauru to embrace a healthy lifestyle, applying Weight Watchers International techniques, products, and services will restore the lost glory of this Pacific Island.

Laurance (2011) claims that Nauru was once a prosperous country, but this has changed in the last decades. Today, Nauruans are unhappy people because 97 % of men and 93% of women are struggling weight problems (Laurance, 2011). According to Senthilingam (2015), obesity is a grave health problem on this Island because one in five children is obese. Hence, as an international company that enters countries with weight issues to maximize its weight loss services, Weight Watchers will help millions of Nauruans create healthy lifestyles for their weight management. Marks (2010) add that the high case of Nauru obesity has been attributed to an inactive lifestyle, poor diets and lack of health education. These are the areas which Weight Watchers International specializes. Hence, the decision to for Weight Watchers International to enter this Pacific Island nation will be an excellent and strategic decision.

Entry methods

The success of any business entering a new economy can only be maximized by using the best entry methods. It is imperative to note that entry methods vary from one country to the other. Thus, for this company to maximize its success in the Republic of Nauru, the marketing manager should strive to use the best entry techniques. One of the best entry modes Weight Watchers International can use to enter Nauru is through franchising like it had done with its other international markets (Reif & The Northern California Export Council, 1997). Through franchises, the company can sell its weight loss products and services and help the people of Nauru live a healthy lifestyle. One of the merits of using this entry method is that the company will incur no operation costs that are needed for business expansion (Doole et al., 2017).

The company can also enter Nauru by establishing its own companies that will offer weight loss products and services. One of the merits of this entry method is that the company will have the upper hand in the management of the subsidiary unlike in the franchise. Besides, the company can enter Nauru by forming partnerships with relevant health stakeholders such as the ministry of health and other international health originations (Doole et al., 2017). Through a partnership entry method, Weight Watchers International will benefit from a shared cost, profit and losses. Besides, the use of a partnership entry mode will also be a practical approach to entering Nauru because many stakeholders will be brought on board; creating a sense of ownership of the Nauru Weight Watchers International among the Nauruans.

Consequently, Weight Watchers International can also apply licensing method (Doole et al., 2017). One of the merits of using this technique is that the company will legally protect its assets while at the same time; the people of Nauru will have weight loss products and services tailored to local needs. Also, the company can maximize the online platform because the number of people accessing the internet has increased in the recent past. However, the online platform should be used in combination with other entry modes to capture a significant market segment and help the people of Nauru lose weight efficiently by embracing a healthy weight loss management lifestyle to eradicate obesity and related challenges.

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