Western Bluebird Observation Report

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The Western bluebird that I examined used to be a male specimen, about 15 centimeters long, and was certainly identifiable due to its vibrant blue hue covering its wings and head. Its belly, area under and the tail were a light white coloring with short feathers that are not segmented. It also had some brief muddy orange feathers on its breast and a small portion of the uppermost back. Its eyes, legs, beak and some of its feathers beside its spine used to be a shade of black.
The habitat that the western bluebird was placed in an uncluttered area with allotted trees outside my apartment. It was mid-day and the sky was clear with about 25.5 degrees Celsius.
Actions Performed During the 30 Minute Interval:
0318:00 to 0325:00
The Western Bluebird sat perched in a small white tree while surveying my activities as well as the ground. It flew down to the grass underneath a nearby large tree and pecked at the ground constantly until it took flight and perched itself on the tree above.
0325:01 to 0331:00
It then soared down to a different section of the grass, closer to where I am observing. It surveyed me in between its pecking of the foliage and when other people walked past where the bird was, it flew up to the original tree that it sat, near another type of bird.
Virtually there was no movement in the bird. Its eyes open in on a branch in a quiet position.
0346:01 to 0348:00
When the bird moved to a higher location, it followed the lightly colored bird in the sky. They soared in circles for a short period until the blue bird then chased the lightly colored bird away and did not.

I believe the behavior I observed in the Western Bluebird was essentially suitable. As it was outside my apartment, I was able to study the behavior of the bird. Moreover, I discovered that the Western Bluebird hunted for insects and soared seeds after viewing them from a low perch.

Mollusca Specimen
Order: Mytiloida
Family: Mytilidae
Species: Geukensia demissa
The mussel was about 10 centimeters long. They had two long, oval like shells with light grey lines on both side of their body that clamp down to protect their soft bodied. Most of the white lines with grooves were visible and ran perpendicularly with its body. In most of the mussels, during my observation, their shells were cracked open about one centimeter and their inner mouths and siphons were able to be seen. These inner body parts appeared tube like and were a muddy golden color and the small area able to see in the tube was a white coloring.
The mussels existed in the areas with bushes where the wind caused less rippling due to the protection provided by the marine bushes. It was sunny, with some strong winds coming from the beach. It was 28.8 degrees Celsius.
Actions Performed in the 30 Minute Interval:
0454:00 to 0524:00
The mussels were completely submerged in water with no movement with its shells as is kept them about a centimeter open with the siphon filtering water and nutrients in. The mussels that were not submerged in water had their shells completely closed to prevent drying out.

The behavior seen in these mussels was very natural, as they were planted firmly into the ground. When the mussel filtered feeds, it pulled in the water and extracted the nutrients and plankton and released the water back into the environment. In any low tide, area the mussel closed the two shells to prevent it from drying out, from the lack of water. However, the presence of their open shells suggests that they were feeding filter feeding

Arthropod Specimen
Family: Grapsidae
Genus: Pachygrapsus
Species: Pachygrapsus crassipes
The Striped Shore Crab had red arms and leg appendages with well camouflaged body. The hind legs had a darker red color of the claws with more brown in them. Moreover, some slight white stripes on the legs made the appendages appear. The body cavity was a dark green shade exactly matching the algae surrounding it. From above it was nearly impossible to view the animal except by having a direct eye contact with its claws.
The crab was hidden underneath the shade near a marine bush. Its shell matched the shade of the algae immediate it, and it did not move for a couple of minutes. Eventually, it kept emerging to its left and pull pieces of it apart and to its mouth with its right claw. In the end, it moved underneath the marine bush to its right and vanished into the middle.
Actions Performed During the 30 Minute Interval:
0422:00 to 0434:00
The crab sat completely still near the marine bush with no movement visible from above.
0434:01 to 0451:00
The crab began to feed on the surrounding algae. It moved repeatedly and roughly a centimeter to my left, stop and grab algae from the rock with its left claw.
0451:01 to 0452:00
After reaching the end of its feeding environment, the Lined Shore Crab traveled immediately to its right, back to the safety of the marine bush, and continued pushing into it until completely hidden somewhere in the middle.


I believe the behavior I observed in this crab was significantly appropriate because the crab was fully submerged and feeding on algae which is its main dietary source. It was mainly active during the day and was abundant throughout the place.

July 24, 2021

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