What circumstances allow to break a promise

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A pledge refers to an undertaking or guarantees that an entity gives to another person or, rather, to an oath taken by oneself. The person who makes the pledge undertakes to fulfill the duty of doing so and to uphold his/her word. It may be in written or spoken form. It involves a shared understanding as well as a spiritual obligation towards someone or another. Promises are given to various individuals, such as friends, family members, and, in some cases, legal obligations in day-to-day transactions. Human beings partake in different interactions as families or friends and pledge to foster those relationships. As such, promises can create and at the same time destroy relationships. In some situations, breaking a promise may be disastrous to the person to whom the promise was made. Whether it is right or wrong to break a promise cannot be generalised since it depends on the prevailing circumstances when the promise is made as well as the reason for not keeping the promise. When a person breaks a promise, it can hurt and disappoint the other party. It can also lead to heartbreaks and turmoil in relations. Nevertheless, keeping it also depends on the kind of promise, the frame of mind at that time and the situation a person is in. Occasionally it could be better not to keep a promise than to keep it.

When a friend confides to me of committing a crime and later I discover that an innocent person is accused of the same crime, I will give up my friend for questioning and as such, break the promise. I will explain to my friend the circumstances in this matter, make him understand that is it for the good of both of us as well as to save the innocent person who may be wrongly accused of the crime he did not commit. This could mean, I am committed to doing something morally right even if it will hurt my friend. My actions and decisions in this regard will save him for the possible worst-case scenarios. I will then take steps necessary to improve the situation between two of us after the settlement of the case. The steps to improve my actions will give me a sense of satisfaction that at least I did something right and still willing to improve our relationship. The decision to break the promise and turn my friend in characterises many other situations where a promise may be broken.

A promise can be broken in the circumstances where there are no other options available. Circumstances often change, and one may no longer be in a position to deliver what they promised as a result of conditions beyond their control. Such an exception should characterise a choice of breaking a promise made infrequently. There is a need to consider all the implications before breaking a promise. Nevertheless, the promise should be broken following right ways.

It would be necessary to break a promise when the harm caused by breaking it is less than the damage caused by keeping it. People often change, and others move on, and as such, some promises are better broken than kept. Some promises, especially for spouses, may become unrealistic when one or both partners continue to resent each other and relationship becomes abusive. As such, a promise such as _x0093_till death do us part" may not hold. Additionally, a promise may be broken when one party does not agree with some positions that were initially not in the promise or what he did not agree to. Promises should be made when both parties are in the right state of mind. A promise may be broken when one of the parties was insane when the promise was being made whether in a spoken or unspoken form.

Given the initial circumstance, in this case, a promise will be broken. That is when a legal requirement dictates then one will break a promise. The legal requirement may include giving witness account for what happened in certain situation or place of crime. A person acting as a witness will swear to say the truth and nothing but the truth about what happened, and in such as a case, they will have to break any promise made to another person to protect them. Lying is a crime that is punishable by law, and it may not be a basis for keeping a promise.

Most of the promises are made when one is in an emotional state of despair, anger, frustration, or a euphoric state. These states of emotions often represent extreme deviations from the norm, either an extremely negative or an absolute positive deviation from the normal emotions. The promises made during such states of emotions will, therefore, lead to difficulty their fulfilment and, hence, will be broken.

Furthermore, a promise is a promise, and there should not be a dilemma in determining whether to break it or not. There should be absolutist in making a decision, and it should depend on the prevailing condition. A trustworthy person does not make a promise with the intention of breaking it, but priorities and circumstances may change. As such, circumstances that may lead to one person incurring a great loss when fulfilling the promise may make such an individual not to honour their pledges. Furthermore, a promise may be broken when it goes against the ethical practices of the society. When fulfilling the promise may lead to a greater harm than good to the society, it would be necessary to break it.

In conclusion, a promise is a commitment that an individual makes to another or an oath taken for oneself or to a person. The promises or pledges to fulfil the task related to the promise and keep their word. It can either be in a written or spoken form. There are different circumstances when a promise may be broken. Such conditions include a legal requirement, ethical requirement, the lack of other options, and the prevailing state of mind and emotion when making a promise. Other circumstances include when the harm caused by breaking it is less than the harm caused by keeping it and when one of the parties was insane when the promise was being made whether in a spoken or unspoken form among others.

October 12, 2022

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