What did Leonardo da Vinci include in his resume?

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One of the aspects Leonardo da Vinci used in his portfolio to persuade the Duke of Milan and get employed was his talents. However, the majority of the talents are unrelated to painting or sculpture. Any of his abilities include the ability to create modern guns, construct forts, and draw maps for military purposes. As a secondary talent, he captures the ability to execute sculpture and paint (Khan Academy). Leonardo incorporates his experience of the equestrian memorial idea in his resume in an attempt to market himself to the Duke of Milan. By doing this, he hopes to get Duke’s nod allowing him to complete the equestrian monument for his father, Francesco Sforza. The project had been started by Pollaiuolo brothers but was never completed.

In 10-20 sentences, discuss the art work of Kara Walker?

Kara Walker is a renowned painter who hailed from America. Immediately after exiting her graduate school, she made an indelible mark in the art industry by coming up with wall-sized figures. She believed that silhouettes had the ability to communicate a lot with very little information. Her art work depicted South-American history, majorly touching on historical novels and slave testimonials. Being an African-American, she expressed her displeasure with the stereotypes levelled against certain races. Her art work also addressed the ever-increasing socio-economic inequality in antebellum. Other elements that prominently featured in her work included sambos, mammies, and pickaninnies. she was a strong proponent of literature and Bible teachings. She used to tailor both the Bible and other literary work in such a way as to fit into the contemporary world. Walker’s ability to employ vivid description enabled her to coalesce facts and fiction and come up with unrivalled pieces of work. Her works evoked both feelings and dissension.

What is the subject matter/what is it about?

Racism and socio commentary form the subject matter of Kara Walker’s work. Her life experiences inform most of her literary work. The silhouettes she makes are mostly cut from black paper and then pinned on white walls, probably to bring out the controversial racism waged upon the blacks in America.

What is she trying to get people to see?

In her many silhouettes, Kara Walker is trying to make people see the contempt with which the whites treat the blacks in America. For instance, one of the silhouettes done by Walker shows a white boss holding the head of a black woman close to his groins. It turns out that the black lady is a server. The contemptuous treatment she receives is as a result of a complaint lodged by one of the patrons alleging poor services at the restaurant in which she works.

What happened when Kara Walker read Gone with the wind?

When Kara Walker read “Gone with the Wind”, the historical romance contained in the book inspired her to make her first silhouette.

What part of the book of the book did she make art about?

The “niggery scent” exhibited by improper manhandling of one minority group with a certain color by the dominant one makes Walker to make her art.

How might someone misinterpret Kara Walker’s art?

Kara Walker’s works might be misinterpreted as inciteful since the topics she majors on include race, sexuality, and gender. Also, some of the works might be interpreted as offensive and disrespectful since they feature inter-racial sexual scenes.

Does her art work make you uncomfortable? Do you think that is part of her intention? Why or why not?

Kara Walker’s art work makes me feel quite uncomfortable. The explicit silhouettes dehumanize people, particularly women and rob them of their privacy. In my opinion, Kara Walker did not intend to draw this kind of discomfort. She intends to castigate some of the vices that some of the whites have embraced.

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September 11, 2021

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