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What Happiness Means to Me

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According to experts, optimism is the degree to which positive feelings are experienced and to rebound from depressive emotions as quickly as possible (Berkely Wellness, However, this description differs from person to person since the hot water that softens the carrot hardens the egg. It is also important for all to determine their sense of happiness so that they can live a genuinely authentic life. For me, success includes maintaining a close friendship with family and friends, doing a job that I'm passionate about, and having a financial buffer to get me through hard times. Happiness also means investing my money in memorable events. A sense of belonging is a great determinant of whether one perceives their life as happy or not and the relationships people have with their family or friends are the ones that mount to a sense of belonging (Berkely Wellness, Therefore, spending quality time with my friends and family members helps me to feel that I am connected to people who understand me. However, this does not mean that the relationships are always smooth and without quarrels (Brooks, Sometimes, I disagree with my family and friends, and the arguments can be bitter at times. Nevertheless, I know that if I am in real danger, my close friends and family will come to my aid and this is reassuring and energizing.
Secondly, doing something that I am passionate about is another metric I use to measure my happiness. Though I want to pay the bills, I am well aware that pursuing what I am passionate about will always allow me to stay on track even when I no longer have to worry about the bills(Brooks, This conviction comes from my belief that doing what you are passionate about gives one a purpose and meaning to wake up every day and give their best (Berkely Wellness, As a result, the general happiness index is bound to increase since when you give your best, you are satisfied with your work.
Also, ability to meet unexpected expenses gives me the comfort that I will not become a burden to other people during times of difficulties (Berkely Wellness, Therefore, nothing gives me more happiness than to see my savings increases since I am aware that in times of monetary challenges, they will give me a financial cushion. Though the desire for immediate gratification is sometimes extreme, I always remind myself the reason for which I am saving. I am also aware that with increased savings, I will not have to lend money from banks and other financial institutions and without a debt burden, I believe I will be more satisfied with life.
Earlier on, whenever I got extra cash, I would rush to buy stuff, and though this would make me happy instantly, the happiness would vanish so fast in a way I did not comprehend. Therefore, I chose to spend my money in memorable experiences such as going to Jazz festivals or hiking with friends and with this change, I realized I am happier for longer periods (Berkely Wellness, Hence these days, my happiness is never complete without spending some of my finances in memorable experiences where I interact with my friends as well as strangers. Indulging in experiences has allowed me to meet new people who have opened new growth opportunities for me.
In conclusion, to me, happiness means having a close relationship with friends and family, doing work I am passionate about, having a financial cushion and spending money on memorable experiences.

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July 24, 2021


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