What is Gerontology?

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Gerontology is the study of the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging. Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov coined the term in 1903. It derives from the Greek geron, "old man," and -logia, "study".

Social gerontology

The field of social gerontology focuses on dismantling social constructs about aging and older people. Because most people do not interact regularly with older adults, they build their knowledge about aging from media portrayals. Because of this, people often make assumptions and perpetuate stereotypes about aging.

A social gerontologist not only educates older people about health care options, but also helps them make their own decisions. Many older adults do not report symptoms of disease in their early stages, making it essential to educate them on the importance of early detection. In addition, social gerontologists are trained to provide counseling and therapy to older people who have mental health issues.

Environmental gerontology is a subfield of gerontology that studies the interaction between aging people and their environment. This branch of gerontology focuses on the physical environment, but also acknowledges its inter-relationship with the social and cultural environments. Since older people spend most of their time in their homes, housing characteristics have been a major focus of research.


Biogerontology studies the factors that influence aging and the causes of disease in the elderly. They also look at factors that contribute to the development of chronic diseases in the elderly, such as smoking, obesity, and substance abuse. Their research also aims to improve care for older adults. Some areas of research have even led to new treatments for age-related diseases.

Biogerontology is a subfield of gerontology, or the study of aging. Its goal is to understand the biological processes involved in aging, so that we can improve human health and life expectancy. The ultimate goal is to prevent and alleviate the suffering of old age. The field is important because human life spans vary widely among species, which makes it important to understand the fundamental processes of aging.

Biogerontologists can work in industry or in research institutions. Some companies even employ biogerontologists to conduct research on the aging process. These professionals generally hold a PhD or MD in biogerontology. Obtaining these credentials is essential for a successful career in the field.

Clinical gerontology

Clinical Gerontology is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on research in the field of aging. Its articles are peer-reviewed and selected based on their quality and relevance for clinical practice. Each issue contains a mix of original research, reviews of related literature, and practical clinical observations. Authors are encouraged to include specific suggestions that will help practitioners address the issues of aging in their patients. Authors should avoid using elaborate research designs or long reference lists.

The field of gerontology is multidisciplinary in nature and deals with the physical, psychological, and social aspects of aging. As a field, gerontology is relevant to a variety of health care settings, from public health and social policy to the care of individuals who are over 65. While gerontology and geriatrics focus on different aspects of aging, both focus on the same issues and challenges that face the older population.

The NIA's Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology (DGCG) is committed to supporting research into the aging population. Through its three branches, the DGCG supports research on aging that is relevant to everyday clinical practice. Research in this area focuses on health and disease among the elderly, including multiple morbidity and dementia.


Geriatrics in gerontology involves the study of biological, psychological, cognitive, and social aspects of aging. It is an important subfield of gerontology and is concerned with the biological process of aging and its evolutionary origin. It also considers interventions that can help those who are aging.

Geriatricians work in collaboration with other fields and disciplines, including social work, nursing, and medicine. They also work with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. As the population of the elderly grows, the need for qualified gerontologists will increase, as will the number of people who practice this specialization.

Geriatricians are highly trained physicians who study the aging process and age-related conditions. In addition to their clinical role, gerontologists also educate the public about aging and the needs of the elderly population. A variety of specializations are found in gerontology, from clinical medicine to biochemistry and microbiology.

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