What Is Service Marketing?

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Service marketing involves creating and delivering services to satisfy the needs of customers. This process is called service marketing and is very different from product marketing. There are several factors to consider while developing a service marketing strategy. These include the place of delivery, the processes and intangible components. Keeping these factors in mind, service marketers can ensure that their services are delivered in a way that will ensure the satisfaction of customers.


Service marketing is a form of marketing where processes play a central role. The processes of a service company include customer care, appointment systems, operating efficiency, and methods of communication. It is crucial to pay attention to processes when creating a service, as they determine the quality of the final product.

A service process can be as simple as applying insecticide to a house or as complex as installing software on a computer. In the simplest terms, the process must provide a satisfactory solution to the customer's problem, and should result in tangible enhancement of the item in question. This is the basis for creating a service plan that will ensure your customers' satisfaction.

Customer service processes can be face-to-face, over the phone, or online. A service provider may want to add value to a customer's experience by offering technical support or advice. The process element of a service marketing plan represents the activities involved in delivering a service, including procedures and protocols.

Intangible components

Intangible components are increasingly being seen as important features of service marketing. For example, a career counseling service can help people find their dream job. The goal of this business marketing strategy is to create an environment where people can love their work while earning a stable paycheck. By focusing on the end results, the intangibles become more tangible.

While intangible products and services have unique features and benefits, they share certain general characteristics. One commonality is the fact that intangible products and services are highly people-intensive and vulnerable to idiosyncrasies and personal discretion. As a result, they are prone to errors and delays. Moreover, customers are less likely to repeat a service if they do not feel satisfied with it.

Intangible products can be difficult to market. For example, it is difficult to market coaching classes. One of the challenges of marketing a coaching class is that it depends on the teacher's skill. It is therefore important to demonstrate excellent results when marketing these services.

Importance of impression management

Impression management refers to the process of creating a positive first impression. Impression management is important in any interaction with others. The process of creating this first impression is highly dependent on the environment. Individuals respond differently to different situations. Moreover, the medium of communication plays a critical role in impression management. For example, people may react differently to an interactive environment when they communicate via their mobile phones than when they meet in person.

When marketing your business, you should consider impression management as one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. A good impression management strategy focuses on offering the right information to potential customers and clients. This way, you can avoid causing people to feel pressured or manipulated. Also, you can make people feel as if they made their own decision instead of being told directly what to do.

In this way, you can control the conversation about your products and services. This helps increase sales and market share.

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