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The secret to prosperity, strength, and happiness is not to expect them to be evil. The secret to prosperity and strength is to realize at the granular level that the stuff most of us want to suck. The purpose of this paper is to explore some of the keys to happiness.
Happiness may be described as a condition of happiness. Happiness is a mixture of how happy we are with our lives and how well we feel on a daily basis. Despite the fact that our moods fluctuate, our overall satisfaction is genetically dictated by comparison with everything else. Happiness is so important to us because it's extremely crucial to the aspirations and priorities of our lives. In addition, happiness allows us to do different things that we cherish" Additionally, happiness helps us to achieve different cherished personal ambitions while still assisting us to change the lives of other people.

The major key to happiness is social interaction. This is mainly because loneliness is a killer. People, who are connected to friends, family, as well as the community, enjoy happiness, physical health and long lives as compared to those who are less well-connected. Different research works have indicated that individuals who are isolated usually experience an earlier decline in their health as compared to friendly people. Happiness can be best predicted through the strength of the ties we have with other people which includes the breadth as well as the depth of the ties. Through practicing gratitude as well as forgiveness, we cultivate greater happiness in our lives. This consists of the very little acts of kindness, as well as thinking of other people before us. According to researchers, this is even fulfilling than having a new car (positively http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/what-makes-us-happy/).

Another key to happiness is money. Money buys happiness in different ways. Money can buy ecology of happiness mainly for the young generation. For instance, researchers have indicated that the upper-income families have health insurances which mean that they enjoy life more than the low-income families. Their children can also join tennis or swimming clubs which ensures that they develop a feeling that they are part of something. This leads to happiness in life (positively http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/what-makes-us-happy/)

Another key to happiness is maintaining a hedonic treadmill. Hedonic adaptation refers to the human tendency of returning to a baseline level of happiness after experiencing a negative or a positive change in life. This means being in a position to get our happiness back to its normal state after experiencing a bad or a good thing in life. According to different research works, it is always advisable to understand that when something good or bad happens, it will not have permanent effects on our levels of happiness (www.pbs.org/newshour/making-sense/what-makes-us-happy/).

The fourth key to happiness is varying happiness. Through varying happiness, we always ensure that we don’t adapt to happiness. There are different ways of injecting variety into activities including the intensity of workouts, time of day, location as well as the frequency with which we engage in various activities (Shenk, 32).

Setting smarter goals is also a primary key to happiness. It is better to succeed happily than to try to succeed to be happy. Success always breeds happiness. According to different works what holds us back from achieving success and happiness is the inability to set life goals and objectives the right way. For one to be happy, the goals should be specific, meaningful, achievable relevant, time-based, evaluated and the process should be re-adjusted until one succeeds (Shenk, 22).

For one to be happy there is a need to focus on health as well as wellbeing as they are essential elements of the happiness-and-success formula. This means avoiding the things that cause harm to us such as over-drinking substances, over-eating as well as taking other recreational drugs.

Another way to maintain happiness is taking a moment to reflect on what one appreciates concerning his or her current life. This involves thinking of the things that one is grateful of one at a time. Additionally, it is always advisable to notice the world around us. This is mainly because there is more life right in front of us. All we are supposed to do is to stop, take a deep breath and learn to be more aware and mindful which positively impact our wellbeing. This gets us in tune with our feelings while preventing us from dwelling on the past as well as worrying about the future (www.pbs.org/newshour/making-sense/what-makes-us-happy/).

Taking a positive approach is also a primary key to happiness. Some of the positive emotions such as pride, inspiration, joy, contentment as well as gratitude not only makes us feel good but also helps us to even perform better, increase our resilience, broaden our perception as well as to improve our physical health. Having a positive approach means that, we are always able to focus on the good side of every situation which involves seeing the glass full other than empty (positively http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/what-makes-us-happy/).

The last key to happiness is being comfortable with who we are. This is so because no one is perfect. It is not advisable to compare our negative views with unrealistic views of other people. Dwelling on one's flaws makes it harder to be happy. We should accept the way we are and should always be kind to ourselves when thing goes wrong. This increases our wellbeing, resilience as well as the enjoyment of life ( http://thebrainflux.com/hedonic-treadmill-affects-happiness/).

In conclusion, it is clear from the discussion that there are different keys to our happiness. It is also evident that happy people are always ahead of others as they are always able to make better and faster decisions concerning their lives. Happy people have a bigger social circle as well as more friends and are always happy to assist others. By doing so, they end up being happy in life as compared to those who fail to do so.

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