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The statement implies that simply speculating or wondering about what is going on around us has no meaning, while in fact, we are completely oblivious to what is going on around us, which is cognizant of the third Ucs. To be awake, one must be alert to what is going on around them. In your own words explain what is meant by "Sensations of a pleasurable nature have not anything inherently impelling about them, whereas unpleasurable ones have it in the highest degree.' (EI, 15). Why is this important to understanding the formation of the self?
The statement means that pleasurable sensation impels nothing in themselves as compared to unpleasurable ones which result to a lot of impulsion and energic cathexis which are the critical determinants of the pleasure between the two forms. It's important to understand the formation of self s it enables one to recognise one's identity.

In your own words explain what is meant by 'The ego is first and foremost a bodily ego...' (EI, 20).
The ego represents the coherent and conscious organization of all the mental processes found in a person. From the definition, consciousness must be tied to the ego which makes the ego to be first a bodily ego going together with consciousness. On the other hand, mental repression, which represents part of the unconscious, comes from the ego.

What does Freud mean when he writes that the 'diphasic onset' of sexual development is a key cause of human neuroses (QLA, 36)?
The term points out to the onset of sexual maturity which usually starts at puberty where teenagers become conscious of their sexuality. Diphasic onset' which signifies sexual development causes human neuroses by strongly influencing humans to be aware of their sexuality after their sexual genes are activated. The terms also show that human neuroses depend heavily on diphasic onset' to offset sexuality in humans.
Using Freud's analysis, explain how the association of castration with punishment can give rise to the symbolic nature of the phallus.
The association can result to rise to the symbolic nature of the phallus where after castration which is a process depicting physical removal of the male genitalia (penis) a male child can only be left with a phallus. According to Freud's analysis, a phallus represents fertility and a cultural implication which is mostly associated with the male sex organ. The symbolic nature of the phallus is therefore manifested in fertility and sexuality of the male organ with castration exemplifying the anxiety that comes with the elimination of the male organ.

Work cited
Freud, Sigmund. "The ego and the id." (1923).

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