Why do direct marketing?

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What is the purpose of direct marketing? The solution is simple; direct marketing allows businesses to communicate directly with customers, allowing them to develop a personal relationship with them. Furthermore, direct marketing avoids the need for costly advertising mediums such as television, radio, and newspapers, which are aimed at a broad audience. Furthermore, treating clients differently delivers a higher return on marketing investment because the company can simply analyze their promotion and marketing campaigns, allowing them to understand which marketing tactics reach the target customers and produce the best results (Rodriguez, 2014). Furthermore, direct marketing assists businesses in developing client relationships. in turn, this builds customer loyalty and retention which facilitates sustainability in the long run.

The reason why direct marketing works best is because people are not the same; as such, individual psychology is the perfect tool to achieve the best marketing results (Rapp, 2009). For instance, specific colours, promotional messages and packaging designs will appeal to specific customers; in this way, a well-planned direct marketing campaign will lead a company straight to its ideal customers. Therefore, a company should understand the needs of their target audience and come up with custom made messages to use in their promotion campaigns (Rodriguez, 2014); this will increase the chances of achieving great marketing results.

To sum up the paper, I agree with the Rapp book which asserts that individual psychology is the most powerful driver for direct marketing results (Rapp, 2009). Every product appeals to a specific audience; for instance, diapers and sports equipment are very different products which will appeal to different audiences (Shareef, 2015). Diapers are used by parents with young kids while sports equipment will appeal to athletes or people who want to keep fit. As such, each of them should have marketing campaigns tailored to suit the target audience.


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May 02, 2023


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