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Why they should consider me for any applicable scholarship

I agree that University of Alabama should consider me for any applicable scholarship considering that I am a hardworking student and I always dedicate myself to successfully utilize the opportunity which the scholarship will offer me. Additionally, I am a kind of a person who not only works challenging persistently in academics but additionally constantly tries to promote the quality of life of my neighborhood by participating in voluntary work.
It is my belief that training offers the key to my success and therefore, I always try connecting my zeal for getting to know with my wish of assisting others. In consequence, I made up my mind to be involved in the establishment of the non-profit organization within my locality which offers educational resources to students, educators, and parents irrespective of their immigration status. With advisors and other students, we made up our mind to come together and establish such an organization so as to establish a community that is more educated regarding the necessary steps towards attaining higher education. Besides, I have engaged myself in leadership roles especially in community organizations. Since last year, as a youth leader in my community, I have planned and organized social events for the youth participants. Moreover, I am a youth leader at my local church, where I have also organized cultural, community and social outreach service events.

I am always grateful when I find opportunities to advance my education like the one your university is offering to learners like me who are in constant pursuit of an opportunity to progress with their career. I remain adamant and I will keep working diligently till I realize my career objectives. I am optimistic to become one of the recipients of any of your scholarships so as to enable me to realize my dream.

July 24, 2021

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