Will Video Games Teach You Anything?

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Many individuals have been interested in computer games in recent years. According to available data, video games delivered $77 billion in revenue in 2015 alone (“Physchology.org,” 2017). According to the survey, video games are the third-largest segment in the US entertainment industry. According to available statistics, 99 percent of young men and 92 percent of women play video games, with the vast majority playing at least two hours a day. Indeed, computer games are an important part of today's culture.
According to renowned psychologist Joseph Stone, computer games have grown and been more realistic and social. Furthermore, research shows that people who play video games gain enormous thinking skills with time. Video games offer people with captivating social and intellectual experiences. Video games not only allow people to try out diverse social situations. They also help people to study how to efficiently solve various kinds of conflicts they might encounter in the actual world. Video games enable people to advance social skills that are useful as they grow up. Most video games entail themes such as antagonism, supremacy, and separation that can be learnt under non-threatening settings. Such issues have been found to help children accept their peers and develop negotiations skills among children.

Since video games deliver instant feedback, participants may discover skills they had no idea they possessed. Psychologists and scientists believe that gaming aid people realize that intelligence is not fixed, and someone can become more intelligent by putting in more practice and being persistence. Games help people learn the need of never giving up in life. Students who play video games are more likely to have better logical and social skills than those who have no idea of playing video games. A study further revealed that kids who play video games are twice more intelligent than those who do not play video games. Such children perform better in schools and are more social.

Although many believe that playing video games turn people into introverts, psychologists have the claim to be entirely false and baseless (Lee, 2017). Over 80 percent of individuals who play video games do so with friends. By playing games, such Zombies Raid, people develop skills that are vital in building and maintain relationships. Video games foster teamwork among individuals. Moreover, playing video games has the potential of curbing antisocial behaviour and thoughts. Video games improve performance, especially jobs that require perfect eye-hand coordination, quick decision making, excellent working memory, and the ability to perform several tasks simultaneously. Studies show that people who play video games are good at flying or landing planes and drones due to good eye-hand coordination they develop with time.

Typing Skills

Coding, as well as quick and accurate typing, are some of the most vital skills needed by employers. Playing games is not just about having fun and solving certain tasks. Games can help an individual to learn how to type fast and competently. Typing of the Dead is a video game that exchanges guns with keyboards. Instead of shooting at zombies, all player does is typing a word or a short sentence on the screen as fast and accurately as he can (Olson, 2017). With time and practice, an individual get used to typing on the keyboard and learn essential typing skills in the process.

Leadership and Socialization Skills

Video games enable players to develop leadership and socialisation skills that are necessary for everyday life. Some games are played in groups and require the team leader to mobilize members towards a particular goal, organise schedules, inspire team members the ability to solve conflicts that might arise among team members.

Regardless of the great worth of video games, most of the media reportings have been negative due to increased concerns about gaming obsession and their violent nature. The claims by media outlets have been found to be untrue and lack scientific backing since most gamers are good at solving conflicts and as a result rarely engage in violence (Vitelli, 2017). Lastly, most gamers are good decision makers and are always aware of retributions associated with violence. What parents, guardians and caregivers ought to do is to minimise playing time and continuously monitor the kind of games children play.


To date, no connection has been found between increased violence in various learning institutions and video games. Being aggressive or violent is an individual nature and, as such, has nothing to do with playing or not playing video games. Parents should encourage their children to play video games, since benefits associated are useful in solving everyday tasks.


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August 18, 2021

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