Women in Leadership at International levels

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Burns and McCallister, an international management organization in the United States of America, was greatly distinguished as a top firm in women employment by varieties of female magazines. However, there were censures from various tables regarding the company's resolution to eliminate women from business negotiations in nations with opposition towards female leadership. The organization upheld that the female representation of the organization in countries like that, increased the chances of failure in the contracts’ negotiation and maintenance massively. The National Organization for Women (NOW) becalled the firm to enforce its United States policies on female employment such countries to help in tilting their obsolete culture.
The careful approach Burns & McCallister employed in managing contract negotiations is relevant to any business entity striving to safeguards its beneficial interests. The management of the firm prioritizes the securing of sources of revenue over women leadership. If the company fails in securing contracts in the hostile countries by placing women on the negotiation teams, there is the likelihood of crippling its operations in those states resulting in business closure. This upshot affects all the firm’s employees inclusive of the women on the negotiation table.
Though the idea by NOW of transferring the firm’s standards to the hostile countries is noble, its application should be gradual. For example, a woman may deputize a male leader on the contract negotiations. The manager takes the primary responsibilities during the negotiations and delegates some of the functions once the awarding of the contract occurs. The main objective of the delegation of responsibilities is to create confidence in the host country’s partners that the female deputy possesses similar leadership traits as the male ruler. The leader handles the contract business at the beginning of the process and progressively hands over the maintenance of the accounts to his deputy. Once there is the development of trust in the business partners, the female assistant can be given a chance to lead another negotiation with reduced hostility from the hosts.
Arguably, women possess better transformational leadership traits than their male counterparts. Therefore, they should receive equal chances in management without gender-based discrimination for the prosperity of an organization. However, a business operating in cultures that demean women should strive to amicably create awareness in such societies regarding the significance of female leadership. Such a business entity should lead by example by portraying the excellent qualities its women managers possess.

November 11, 2021




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