Wood Valley: Ross-lee Footbridge Reconstruction Support Appeal

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The Wood Valley Community Cooperation

The Wood Valley community is happy to cooperate with the county government on this special day to mark an important milestone in building the damaged Ross Lee Pedestrian Bridge. Bridges have been an integral part of our daily transportation, but recently devastating rains washed them away and destroyed them. With this in mind, the municipality and district government are trying to build another to replace the destroyed one, improve the transport and movement of people in this municipality, and connect it to the rest of the country. increase.

Support Through Donations

WHAT: Due to the challenges that the community particularly those living close to the bridge underwent, your support through donations is highly appreciated. The neighboring school that was seriously impacted by the collapse of the bridge would be happy if you donated pipes, books, or any other hygiene material that will support its smooth running.

Impact of Heavy Rains

WHY: Following the heavy rains that destroyed the bridge, the community has continued to suffer. The Lee-Ross school was also affected because the library was totally destroyed. Thus, as community outreach we are trying to support the school and other affected families.

Eligibility for Support

WHO: Any affected member of the community is eligible to the support offered by the community.

Disaster Management Office Location

WHERE: Disaster management office at the sub-county offices wood valley, room A1

The office is located off the left wing of the sub-county offices and can be accessed via the main corridor. There is also a help desk just as you enter the main entrance; hence, you can request for direction just in case you fail to see the office.

Office Hours

WHEN: Mondays to Fridays 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


You can also send your donations via electronic means through the provided bank accounts as we seek to support the Wood Valley community. Please visit our SUPPORT.WOODVALLEY.ORG to link with us as we grow together as a community.

March 15, 2023

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