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Words, emotions, and actions that correspond to them are inextricably linked to the ideals tied to human nature. Human motivation is based on the difficulty and speed at which they make decisions. Individuals, on the other hand, have clung to their hopeless existence, making them vulnerable. This is because they have allowed ignorance to keep them from understanding the rules that control their very lives. One of the extensive anomalies that have attempted to tamper with sociological equilibrium is a lack of adherence to human ideals (Boyce, 2013). It is also a paradox that adds to the confusion, though the study of human behavior is heavily dependent on cultural, personal and social aspects of the very human existence, the controversial point f argument as far as the situation is concerned has yet lead to a conclusive end.

People deal with a lot of issues in the course of their lives, while some are busy battling diseases that weaken their defense system, there are others who get stressed on a daily basis with financial issues and other problems that make their health deteriorate. Attribute researchers often confuse the point at which value should be employed to that which the underlying concept product attributes is applicable (Oh et al., 2013). A case scenario is the time when a patient or rather a medical practitioner has to make the decision on whether or not a patient should undertake a treatment that would make them better during stress and anxiety or that which would work for them when the case was that involving psychological treatment (Wang et al., 2013).

The sociology involving human emotions is perceived to be one of the disciplinary fields that are fast growing. Taking time to research on the emotions that impact human beings have paved the way for advancements in the field of political and medical sciences, anthropology and even psychology. There is a kernel of phenomena that features social relations that is in tandem with emotional substrates. The latter ranges from social movements to face-to-face encounter and have shown to be a great success as far as social relations are concerned. Sociology charges and shapes emotions as being agents of change that are very powerful and a case example was that which involved and triggered the Arab spring (Spiegel, David, and Michelle, 2015). The cultural determination of the polymorphic state and the apprehension of well-being and happiness is focused on establishing the existing relationship between prosperity and happiness. After that, the latter can be linked to emotional substrates.

In light of research studies regarding sociology, there has been a growing exploration of the interdisciplinary changes and the connection that they have to sociological sciences and law. The latter has led to the emergence of both social movements and law as both intertwined and distinct field of scholarly research. The dissipation state of physiochemical systems analysis is done using the macro thermodynamics model that was developed by G. P. Gladyshev. Also, the same model is applicable in cases involving fractal theories and synergetics. The optimization of interdisciplinary engineering systems having been discussed from the standpoint of typical systems regarding computational alternatives may be available to the designer.

The discourse of interdisciplinary policies and the surge of scientific knowledge that has been used the recent research has led to a significant increase in the explicit promotion of Interdisciplinary Research (IDR). The information has spread across all virtual fields involving the study of scientific knowledge. IDR has brought forth several breakthroughs since its establishment which serves as the underlying assumption behind the policies that IDR owes to its research. Juts to illuminate some of the things and fields in which IDR has paved the way for success include the great help in addressing societal problems and the fostering innovations. However, the main problem that has continued to spur a lot of controversies is the question of whether or not IDR can function as an independent body without the assistance from the funding and promotion policies. Evidence regarding the aforementioned studies show that IDR cannot manage to carry out the activities it was meant to, without the support and funding it receives thus making it quite remarkable, and a necessity to ensure the IDR has an environment that is conducive enough for it to function effectively (Spiegel, David, and Michelle, 2015).

Concept of Interdisciplinarity and Multidisciplinarity

Multidisciplinary as the name suggests, utilizes the experience and skills of individuals from individuals who have varying disciplines. In so doing, each discipline is meant to approach the patient who is supposed to be seeking medical attention from the perspective they dim fit for them (Reynolds, 2002). However, in order or the aforementioned to take place, there is the dire need to conduct individual consultations. Interdisciplinary on the other hand, emphasizes the need to inculcate the readings and attained approaches from several disciplines into a single consultation.

In order to learn more from a particular field, it is important to specialize in one field which is practically the same as interdisciplinary. Most institutions emphasize the same in regards to social sciences as it ensures that student pays keen attention to what they may be studying at the institution instead of dividing their attention to several fields only to end up combining their findings in the end (Korahais, 2011). The accumulation of vast knowledge in a field of study is pegged on the devotion to that field and the concentration that one keys in and in the end, the outcome may be significant. The aforementioned are the reasons as to why most if not all the institutions that offer social sciences insist that students take interdisciplinary courses (Mastersio, 2017). It would be quite painful for a student to spend the better part of their time gathering information regarding a particular field of social science only to come to the unpleasant discovery that all the information they had collected was irrelevant to the course they are undertaking.

In the event of tending to the needs and health requirements of the patient, there are specific routines that always check out; pre-history, the carrying out of assessment tests, the diagnostic process, and then the intervention process that is followed by the management of the goals of the team. It is important and a prerequisite to inform the patient of any prognosis that is meant be carried out on them. This helps them to stay at the forefront and updated on their health status and the progress they may be making since they began to undertake a particular health intervention (Helmich, 2013). It is malpractice to carry out an intervention on the patient without giving them a briefing of the process and letting them agree if they would go ahead with the process or not. The need for this is to ensure that they are psychologically prepared for next step instead of making them end up surprised or infuriated by the step that a medical practitioner has taken on their behalf without their prior consent.

Also, it would be handy in helping them decide whether or not to continue with an initiative they have been taking. If there is progress attached to it, then it would serve as an encouraging factor. However, if there is even the slightest instant that their health is deteriorating, then it would suffice to make them decide to change to a different intervention (Chan et al., 2013). According to the findings of the research carried out regarding disciplinarity, teams undertaking Multidisciplinarity have been proven to provide experience that is of higher status as compared to that which is offered by those busy working in isolation.

In undertaking a particular form of treatment, patients are bombarded with the hard choice of having to decide if they agree to go through with a particular type of treatment. In such situations, some of them make long-term whereas there are those who make short-term decisions (Baek et al., 2016). This is attributed to the fact that some of the patients make decisions that change their lives forever and for the better such is the case that is termed to be a long-term decision. There are cases where the selected intervention does not work for particular patients thus the need to use alternative medical treatments that have been proven to lead to the same results as the other treatment would.

Such drugs or rather interventions are referred to as evidence-based complementary and alternative medication (EBCAM). EBCAM are particular kinds of treatment that have undergone rigorous research to eliminate any issues that such drugs would pose to the health of the patient thus jeopardizing their health t any particular point (Wang et al., 2013). Another advantage is that they are only used in the cases where the prescribed medication and type of treatment does not give the expected results and the patient has to consent to the intervention before they start using them thus eliminating any instances of uncertainty that may arise in the course of their use.

Conclusively, according to Chan et al. (2013), Individual social sciences and disciplines have used the knowledge underlying interdisciplinary to formulate and improve on the existing initiatives that health institutions use in approaching the health status of their patients. In so doing, they have shed some light on the importance that interdisciplinary studies have on the general health of patients, human functionality, and values that should be adhered to in order to preserve the very pillar of human existence. Also, the educational curriculum puts more emphasis on the undertaking of social sciences as ways of trying to better interdisciplinary studies which would have the overall effect of spreading information regarding the same. The perspective that the general public has about interdisciplinary changes when individuals learn of the positive strides that have only been made possible by the field of social sciences in tandem with multidisciplinary.


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