Work - balance and stress management

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Reduce the amount of work you do and take a nap or a book to spend the time.
Take sick leave at home and relax.
Taking a deep breath, stretching and yoga
Eat nutritious and well-balanced foods. This will allow you to have both emotional and physical energy.
Sleep through the night early
Try to stop retaining a lot of data and concentrate on your emotions instead.
This helps to alleviate the heavy sensation by joining the support team in the same boat.
Therapists may be needed in cases where the tension is too high. Premature birth is one that happens before the 37 months; This can cause problems hence this infant needs alloy of care to avoid the following effects.

The child can brain have disabilities, physical development, communicating and learning. In addition, long-term disabilities such as hyperacidity, disorders like cerebral palsy and autism. Autism is kind of disease that can affect Childs communication. In addition, it can affect lungs for that case infection with asthma. Others disabilities include hearing loss, dental problems, and vision problems. In case of premature birth stress, the mother can do the following: spend much her time with premature baby at special care nursery, follow doctor’s instruction when feeding the kind, which may be breast or bottle feeding method,

one can take time out of hospital but only if the child is in safe hands, once the doctors say the baby is okay you can hold her long enough to enjoy.

Every expectant mother wants have her baby healthy. Substance abuse will be endangering this life of this child. Most of the substance is passed to the growing baby through the placenta. Alcohol and all illegal drugs should be avoided altogether.

To conclude, it is important to observe healthy during pregnancy period and also during a lactating time. This will help the child development .


Hofman, Paul L., et al. "Premature birth and later insulin resistance." New England Journal of Medicine 351.21 (2004): 2179-2186.

September 01, 2021

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