Working while in college as opposed to becoming unemployed while in college

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People in today's digital world have embraced a new way of living in order to meet their needs while both learning and expanding their skills. That is why most people choose to practice while attending college in order to make a meaningful difference in their life and in society. This has been made possible by emerging technologies, which allow them to perform all tasks concurrently. Working while studying outweighs being unemployed while attending college in certain ways, though both have advantages and disadvantages. Despite the challenges in the tight schedule, part-time studies or employment should be encouraged because it highly contributes towards the growth and development of an economy in the country.

In support of the title, earning while still in college helps avoid the possibility of taking loans. Some people opt for loans to help support their learning so as to afford the college tuition fee, which is rather disadvantageous in that it incurs high interest charges when it comes to paying back. Working while doing your studies enables one to manage their personal needs together with sponsoring their education.

November 03, 2022

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