Workplace Motivation in an organization

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Strange motivational methods have recently been observed in several workplaces where office has been changed to play space. To stimulate their staff, several companies allow them to play in the office, ride scooters in the workplace, and even perform inappropriate room dances (Habib, 2011). Such businesses consider themselves trendy, yet some consider them insane. Although people's perceptions of these motivational strategies varies, a short assessment of various motivational ideas reveals that they suit the standard theories of motivation developed by notable thinkers. The unusual motivation techniques are matched to Theory Y, which assumes that employees are committed to their work and do not need to be pushed. Douglas McGregor explains two theories, Theory X and Theory Y, centered on two different views of human beings. Theory X, which bases its arguments on a traditional approach, argues that people innately dislike work and will avoid it. In addition, employees should be forced, threatened, punished, and controlled to achieve the objectives according to Chapman (2000). The theory continues to argue that an average employee will try to escape responsibility and search for alternative directions whenever possible because they have little ambitions. Besides, security of workers is paramount above all other factors associated with work. Workers, according to Theory X, have to be pushed and persuaded into performance thus the unusual motivation techniques do not match conditions for this theory.

However, Theory Y takes a different take on employee's motivation and believes that direction and control are of no use for those employees whose social and physiological needs feel satisfied, and social, esteem and self-actualization needs are increasingly important. The theory makes the following assumptions; first, the average worker likes work and can view it as an enjoyable activity like play and rest. This may be the technique embraced by organizations allowing play at the workspaces. Employees are authorized to play and have good moments in office believing that they are focused and know their responsibilities, which they must achieve at the end of the day. Managers in this kind of organization believe that employees are self-aware, responsible, and reliable. More so, the second assumption of Theory Y is that employees can exercise self-direction and self-control to attain the set objectives to which they are committed (Chapman, 2000). Basing the assumption on the case study, managers expect that workers, apart from play and riding of scooters in office, have time to focus on the essentials of their presence at the workplace.

Theory Y assumes that given proper working conditions, an average worker should be able to accept work and take responsibility. The belief by Trendy managers could be that as employees play and have fun in the office; they get used to working and are happy to be associated with the company. An authentic likeness of work develops as opposed to Theory X, which advocates for coercing and pushing of employees to work (Chapman, 2000). Furthermore, commitment to work objectives is a function of reward associated with achievement according to these assumptions. Employees in such firms realize more satisfaction upon achieving the set goals. Apart from being free from coercing and punishment, most employees strive to meet their set objectives and those of the organization to achieve more satisfaction. Unlike Theory X, Theory Y views achievement as part of fun and pleasure instead of dislike towards work thus relate to the practice of CashLinq and other trendy companies. The theory also assumes that people have the capability to make innovative and creative decisions and decision-making should not be the role of management alone. Many organizations embracing this technique allow employees to make decisions based on what is best for the business (Alsop, 2010). Management engages with employees when making decisions making workers comfortable and free to accept the decisions made.

Techniques addressed from Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Maslow's physiological need caters for methods embraced in the case study. Food, clothing, shelter, rest, and exercise provided for in the workplace are some of these requirements by humans. To be more specific, diet and rest provided in which parties are held in the office and workers are allowed to play, give employees a break from work. Some organizations offering massage are good examples of the ones that cater for physiological needs of their workers (Petrecca, 2011). Safety requirements by insurance motivators provided by organizations meet required satisfaction by employees. As witnessed in some motivational techniques, play at work enhances relationships and more to that, engaging employees in making decisions improves and meets their social needs by raising their self-esteem and confidence. The satisfaction associated brings confidence, power, and prestige. Being 'trendy' also brings along uniqueness and recognition which serves as a good way to serve the ego need.

Self-fulfillment is the highest need in Maslow's hierarchy of requirements, which is satisfied through the unusual motivation techniques by allowing workers to have fun and work at the same time. This enables them to have a feeling of belonging to the organization (Alsop, 2010). One tries to do whatever he/she can to bring out something hidden in him/her. This need is fulfilled by the addressed techniques since a single worker has the freedom to make some decision allowing the employees to be innovative and creative. Creativity and innovation of employee is achieved when employees are given freedom and other forms of support fulfilling their need for self-actualization.

Advantages of Unusual Motivational Techniques

Unusual Motivational Techniques ensure that managers do not need to worry if all employees are focused and are happy to meet the organization's objectives due to natural motivation that comes with such methods. Management can also make organizational decisions with employees need at hand ensuring that no one feels left out. Furthermore, an organization realizes more innovation and invention at the workplace because of such freedom since the workers are free to implement new ideas as Karami, Dolatabadi and Rajaeepour (2013) argues. Quality employee relationship is maintained creating a conducive workspace for everyone and the welfare of the staff is guaranteed.

Disadvantages of Unusual Motivational Techniques

If not well kept in check, the technique may turn chaotic since there will be no order at the place of work since some may over do it. Management of employees requires cooperation by all managers to ensure that their need are met (Habib, 2011). Noise and activities within the workplace may become a source of distraction for some that need quiet environments. Incentives meant to motivate employees may prove to be too costly reducing the company's profits and some customers may not like to associate with an organization whose activities mention with terms like seem weird.


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