Zohair and Khan names Etymology

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Each identify and word has a historic source and a unique meaning attributed to it, a purpose why choosing names is an fascinating endeavor. Names also differ depending on the culture, language and spiritual beliefs of people in specific regions. In fact, the pronunciation of one name can range in a variety of regions, however the meaning stays the same. The names Zohair and Khan are both discovered in the Quran and are normally used by means of people in most international locations whose main faith is Islam especially Pakistan. The two names are got from the Arabic language and are normally given to boys.
Zohair is notion to have originated from the Hebrew culture but it has spread worldwide. The current and common users of the name are Arabs who may have borrowed it from the Hebrews. Originally, the name in Hebrew was Zohar whih was later transformed depending on the pronunciation and common usage by people. It is also substituted with Zahara, Zuhair, Zuheir and Zoheir. In the English speaking countries, the variant of the name is Zaahir or Zachrey and in Hebrew it is Zakir. The name can be written backwards as Riahoz and it contains an equal number of vowels and consonants.
Zohair is a name with numerous meaning to different people. The Quran 20: 131 alludes to the fact that Zohair is derived from a root known as Z-H-R. From this outlook, the name Zohair means the blossoming of a little flower. The Arabic version of the same name implies radiance or shining. In the Islam religion, the name is still obtained from the Quran but it means one who is the best friend to the last prophet. In the Mongolian culture, the same name is known to mean a ruler or a king. It is evident that culture and religion impact the meaning of a name but its implications are more or less the same.
The name Khan is shared throughout Central and South East Asia among the Muslim culture. While there are minimal variants of the name, it remains one of the commonest names among these cultures. Its history has been traced back to the Mongolian culture where the Rourans coined the name. Afterwards, Muslims adopted the name and used it as a surname among various families. In the Turkish culture, the name is used more descriptively with most of the noble men acquiring it from their admirers. Even though the name is still common all over the world, its pronunciation differs but the meaning remains more or less the same.
The meaning of the name Khan is nobleman or ruler. The Mongolian and Tartar tribesmen would use the same name to describe the strongest members of the community. Most of the people who share the name are rulers, noblemen or known to have used wit to surpass some difficulty. Some good examples include the emperor of the Mongolian people (Genghis Khan) and the head of the State of Kalat (Muhammad Nasir Khan). The current users of the name may be having lineage with some historical emperors or leaders. Normally, people tend to exemplify the name they are given such that their character reflects the same. Families with nobility would carry this name Khan and they displayed characters related to the same. Currently, Khan is common in India and parts of Iraq.

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