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It is pretty clear that before someone decides to use any online service, to check for feedback and reviews other users have left. TopEssayWriting.org team gives this opportunity. Please read these testimonials or/and share your personal experience on using our essay writing service.



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I am horrible at writing papers and decided to use an essay writing service for the first time. I selected Top Essay Writing and was not disappointed! Thank you to my writers!

Micha, US

I am so happy that I found your site. It is easy-to-use and trustworthy. Moreover, your writers are great professionals and I have only positive impressions. I like your support, which works 24 hours per day. It is really comfortable to be sure that you will be answered any time a day. Many thanks for your service! I am so happy to collaborate with such a great and professional team as yours. My papers are perfect. Thank you for all the efforts. I appreciate your help greatly.

Hashan, china

I must say I was super nervous using this site being that I never bought an essay online. But boy am I a satisfied customer. I needed an essay to turn in the next day and had to be 5 pages long. Although the writer had to extend my time twice by a couple of hours, it was all worth the wait. I will defiantly be ordering more essays from this site. I am really busy with work, I really didn't have the time to write this essay. BUT........all I can say is thank you, perfect stranger. By the way customer service was the bee's knees! :) Very helpful people.

Courtney, USA

Overall, I am happy. I was provided a properly structured paper for APA format. However, the grammar was pretty awful. It was obvious that an ESL writer wrote my paper. Almost every noun had "the" in front of it, like in French or Spanish. Plus, the wording just sounded a little off from American English. That being said, I was able to go through and re-word the phrases without having to do an entire paper. The concepts were there, and I think it was still worth the money. Just be sure and read over every single line prior to turning in your paper.

Lisa C., USA

I have used this company a few times and had good luck with them. I have had a few times where the writer has been late on my papers or had to send my paper back and few times instead of getting a perfect copy to begin with, but for the most part this is a good company. Needs a little bit a work for the amount of money you pay and getting service that is alright. But great customer service and the company truly does work with your needs and wants you to be satisfied!

Ella, Georgia, USA

Thank you. The essay is what I was looking for!!

Angel, Puerto Rico

My term paper was almost overdue, and I was really angry with the thought that I will loose points, but you send it to me just in a last minute. Thanks God )

Margaret, Chicago, IL

Many thanks for your service! I am so happy to collaborate with such a great and professional team as yours! All my papers worh each penny I spent.

George S., Charlotte, NC

I am not good at making statistics research that’s why I asked you guys for help. I got a perfect mark thanks to you!

James J., Vero Beach, FL

I have ordered more than 50 papers with you guys. Will I get a special discount? lol your team is amazing, all the writers are absolutely great. You have never let me down, many thanks for your work!

Martha R., Sanford, FL