Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all common questions

What sets you apart from other writing agencies?

There are several significant differences between and other online writing services.

  1. We encourage communication between our clients and their writers – 24 hours a day.  Most other services will receive your order and simply deliver the completed product.  Continued communication throughout the process ensures that our clients ultimately receive exactly what they want.
  2. Our writers are all native English-speaking professionals.  We have a rigorous employment process, including verifiable credentials and the submission of original writing, the topic for which we have assigned. We allow writers to assume projects only in fields and at academic levels for which they qualify.
  3. We have multiple methods by which you may communicate with your writer or with our customer support department at any time.
  4. We verify the originality of every written piece through plagiarism-scan software.  When clients receive works from us, they are guaranteed 100% original.
  5. Every client is provided a personal account through which information is received and sent.  These are protected, so that confidentiality is maintained at all times.
  6. Our pricing is reasonable and realistic.  Many, many other agencies offer prices too low to be utilizing professional writers.  Beware!

Do you provide refunds?

If any client is unhappy with the delivered product, we will revise that product, free of charge, until 100% satisfaction is achieved.  Revisions must be requested within 10 days of receiving the work (30 days for major graduate works), and they will be accomplished quickly. 

Full and partial refunds are rarely requested from our customers; however, our policy is that you may request a refund in writing under the following conditions:

  1. The product was not delivered by your deadline date.
  2. The product was not produced according to the specifications of your order. (Remember, your original order details are the criteria we use in determining any refund.)

We are proud of our client satisfaction history, and refund requests are quite rare. 

What security do you provide for credit/debit card use at your site?

We provide a fully secure third-party transaction service, in order to ensure that all of your payment information is encrypted and safe.  No unauthorized transactions have ever occurred as a result of clients using their payment cards with us.

What is the Pricing Policy for Your Various Services?

Our services include original custom writing, editing and proofreading completed works, research, and formatting of essays and papers for students at all stages in their academic careers, high school through graduate and professional programs.  Pricing is based upon the quality level selected and the he deadline timeframe.

Quality Level:  We have three levels of quality, as follows:

  1. Standard: This level is appropriate for less complex assignments, such as essays, basic term papers, course assignments, lab reports, book reviews, etc., and is commonly used by high school and some undergraduate students.  The writer will have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in the content field of the work.
  2. Premium:  This level is appropriate for undergraduate students and others in the early semesters of their Master’s programs.  The writer/researcher will have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in the disciplinary area of the work.  Works might include more complex research papers, case studies, presentations, and literature reviews.
  3. Platinum:  Master’s candidates and doctoral/professional school students will want to select this level, for all of the assigned writers hold a Ph.D. or graduate professional degree in their academic disciplines.  Typically, these orders involve original and substantive research for literature reviews, research proposals and designs, complex case studies, etc.

Deadline Requirements:  We typically receive orders which span the most urgent (3 hours) through any number of days.  Obviously, the less time a client gives to us, the more it will cost. We urge students who are facing major works to contact us very early.  This allows the writer enough time to keep the costs down.

How do I Provide Information and Documents to my writer?

You have several options. When you place the order, you may upload files from your personal account page; you may send them through email or live chat with our customer support department (be certain to include your order number), or you may fax them directly to our office (again, order number included please!) Each of these methods is fully explained on our site! Should you have additional information for your writer during the process, you may use the same methods.

What are the academic backgrounds of your writers?

Most of our writers are instructors, professors, and others who have been in the field of writing as a profession.  Our employment requirements are quite rigorous and include submission of verifiable credentials and original writing that we assign them.  Throughout their tenure with us, their work is closely monitored by our editing department, and feedback is uniformly requested from clients.

How are writers selected for my orders?

Our writers are approved for projects based upon their academic degrees and experience.  Based upon the topic and the academic level, the project is offered only to those writers who have the appropriate qualifications.  A writer who holds degrees in the social sciences, for example, will not be tasked with a physics paper.

Can my writer conduct the research needed for a paper I order?

We ask students to provide the research materials if possible; however, if this is not possible, your writer will have access to subscription-based online libraries and will select the most current and relevant resources at the appropriate academic level.

If I need to make changes to my order specifications, may I do so?

Yes, you may contact your writer at any time with changes to be made, so long as they are not substantive changes to the original order. Typical changes that we see are an additional resource to be added, formatting, and/or the requirement of an additional piece, such as an outline.

Do you provide editing services?

Absolutely! We have an entire department of professional writers who provide editing and proofreading services. They provide a thorough review, suggesting revisions in grammar, wording, structure, etc., in addition to correcting any errors in agreement, verb tense, punctuation, and spelling.

How do I know my paper will not be sold to others?

We have strict and specific policies regarding each customer’s order. Once the final work is delivered to you and you have accepted it, it is deleted from our system. Any finished product becomes the sole property of the client who purchased it.

How do I know that my paper is not plagiarized?

We use highly sophisticated plagiarism scan software, and every work is subjected to this check before it leaves our doors. This report is available to any client upon request.

What is your policy if I am not satisfied with my paper?

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and, to this end, we will be happy to make revisions to your work until you are happy. Such revisions will be completed without charge for the first 14 days after client receipt of the piece. The method for revision request is on the site, and you request them via your personal account with us. Revisions that alter your original order specifications can be requested but they will not be free.