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Thesis and Dissertation Writing Can Be A Lonely Job

So, the “pen is mightier than the sword?” Tell that to grad students who are about ready to “fall on their swords” and admit defeat as they struggle with those theses and dissertations. In fact, as was recently reported in Slate Magazine, an average of 50% of doctoral students do not complete their dissertations and, for all of their hard work, have no degree to show.

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The reasons why theses and dissertations go unfinished are varied, but one common over-reaching issue stands out – for whatever reason, the process of determining a topic, identifying a research questions, conducting hundreds of hours of literature reviews, crafting a relevant research project, and then writing the entire thing up (sometimes as many as 400 pages) is just overwhelming.

Theses and dissertations are lonely projects. Advisors are available for the occasional “pump-up” and suggestion, but, in the end, these are solo projects. It’s difficult to stay motivated when the road is so long (12-18 months), and there are other obligations.

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Getting a Mentor/Consultant

What if you had a Ph.D. in your field who was available on call, as you needed help and advice? That is exactly what you can have with No matter where you are in your process, here is the type of assistance you can get through us.

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The Topic/Research Question

If you are far enough along in your program to be planning your dissertation, you probably have a general topic area in mind. You also know that there is now the process of refining that topic field and narrowing it down to a scholarly research question that will contribute to your field and, most important, that your advisor and committee will approve.

You can get help refining and developing your research question through a personal consultant from our writing service and get it with as many benefits as you need!

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The Thesis/Dissertation Proposal

There is work to do before you craft that proposal for approval – some background research, at least an outline of the original research you plan to do, a justification of the importance of your research, and a timeline for completing the project. You are new to this whole business. A Ph.D. in your field who has already been through the process himself and who has helped others do it, can walk you through these steps, help you design your research, and assist you by writing/editing the piece.

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My prof is extremely demanding and changing their plan for my thesis like constantly so I felt I need some help from a professional researchr. I’m so grateful to the writer!! They never refused to answer the prof’s stupid picky questions in a document. And they did my thesis much much better than I would’ve done.

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That Pesky Literature Review

Of all the parts of a thesis or dissertation that students dislike the most, it is the literature review. Just finding the research that is fully relevant and somewhat current is a task in itself. Then, pouring over that research, taking notes, and ultimately synthesizing all of it into that section/chapter can take months.

A personal consultant from Top Essay Writing can point you in the direction of the right research, can provide summaries of that research, and can help you organize and write this chapter, and, what is more important, with a special discount!

The Meat – Your Research Project

This is usually the part that students most enjoy. They have developed a research design and instruments and now they get to actually conduct it and gather the data.

Your consultant can assist you through the entire design phase, ensuring that you have provided for all of the necessary elements, that your instruments are truly testing what you want to test, and that you know exactly what data you are collecting.

No one can do the research for you – that is your activity alone. But you can be sure when you set upon it, that you have everything perfectly planned. It’s a good feeling.

The Analysis

“Aye, there’s the rub.” Gathering data is one thing. Organizing it and then analyzing it to show significance is quite another. Fortunately, technology has taken care of “running the numbers.” The “rub” is getting those numbers into the correct formula and interpreting the results. That’s where our statisticians come in. You don’t need to struggle with your analysis and interpretation. Your consultant and one of our statisticians have your back on this one.

The Discussion and Conclusion

You have prepared a significant and scholarly piece that will contribute to your field. Your discussion should point to that, as well as to the limitations and to the recommendations for further research on the topic. Your consultant and writer can help you tie it all up! 

Top Essay Writing is Your Answer

You don’t have to feel like you are in a tunnel all on your own, fighting your way to the light at the end. And that is just what a thesis or dissertation project can feel like sometimes. No one who has not gone through it themselves can really understand the emotional roller coaster or the frustration and just plain exhaustion it can cause.

The Ph.D.’s at Top Essay Writing Do Understand

Get in touch with our customer support department today, and let’s discuss the type of help you need! We can have your personal consultant assigned quickly, and you and s/he can begin this journey together. Be sure to check the price for your paper and don't forget about the discount!

As always, we value your privacy, and any use of our service is always confidential.

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