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College study can be incredibly intense and competitive. There is not just the emphasis on individual work and complex written assignments, but you face comparison to your peers who complete the same assignments. 

One thing about all these written tasks - they are all incredibly time-consuming. The time spent writing a complex paper for a discipline not even related to a student’s key area of interest or major is oftentimes simply time wasted. Academic assistance platforms that offer college essays for sale help students regain control of their time and foster better academic performance.

Reasons to Choose College Papers For Sale at Our Service

Many similar companies exist online that will tout their services. However, there are important features that set TopEssayWriting apart from the others.

  1. Strict selection of writers. First, we ensure that they have proof of a formal college or university degree. Next, they have to pass our individual exams. Those who successfully do so, are given a series of instructions and are asked to write a paper within a limited timeframe. Hence, we test our future writers in conditions that resemble our essay writing for sale process. This allows us to evaluate their ability to work under pressure and yet deliver high-quality products, with solid research and exceptional writing. No writer works for us who cannot meet our strict expectations.
  2. Wide range of expertise. We have about 1300 professional essay writers for hire, experienced in 50+ disciplines under the same umbrella. Every major discipline, as well as many sub-disciplines, are represented among our writers. We offer cheap essay papers for sale in these and many other fields: general and applied sciences, all STEM categories, humanities, social sciences, economics and finance, law, healthcare, all categories of business and business administration, and more. And we offer them at any academic level of study.
  3. Direct chat with writer. Clients are free to supervise and guide our writer, ask for drafts, and make suggestions. We believe that mutual cooperation is crucial for success of your essay. You will have a personal account with full access to your writer, so that you may provide additional instructions. And your writer can also ask for clarifications, provide drafts for your approval, etc. In this way, the end persuasive essay for sale you receive is far more likely to be exactly what you want.
  4. Access to our customer support 24/7/365. If a client should have questions or issues, we have an in-house, fully trained group of professionals to provide those answers and resolutions. They can be reached by phone or live chat.

Major Types of Essays We Produce

Apart from the great diversity of disciplines and topics we cover, we offer virtually any imaginable type of essay help for sale that students require at any academic level. Our service can provide you with high school, graduate level, or college essay papers for sale of any type, including the most common ones:

  • Argumentative and persuasive essay – These take a stance, trying to convince readers to support a point of view by using arguments, reasoning, and factual data. Good argumentative essays even provide reasonable counter-arguments which are then refuted.
  • Descriptive essay – this type tries to describe a moment, situation, or an object in great detail listing all relevant sensory info that is necessary to recreate an image in reader’s mind.  
  • Narrative and reflective essay – it’s usually an autobiographical story, told in first person which tries to teach a lesson by sharing some personal experience. Personal statements, required for grad school admissions, can be considered a type of narrative essay.
  • Analytical essay – carries out an impersonal analysis of a subject, dissecting a whole into constituents and evaluating these, weighing pros and cons, contemplating alternatives or possibilities for improvement. Many research papers are in this format
  • Expository and definition essay – defines or explains with great fidelity a concept, an idea, a process, or an established view while staying away from arguments, interpretations, evaluations.
  • Research Essays: these may be on any topic and require a strong thesis and then applicable research that supports that thesis. These are usually assigned in every course and present challenging and time-consuming efforts.


We can also format the essay according to your specific requirements. While our default format is listed here, if yours is different, you only have to tell us when you complete the order form.


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How Will You Help Me Find the Best Essay

College essay for sale from us is fully customized. Our writers create custom essays from scratch, according to instructions provided by you. So, each paper will match instructions perfectly. This is the safest way to get plagiarism free essays. An essay that has been published in a database of pre-written papers has almost certainly been reused multiple times before. And this is what many other online writing services do. It takes only one source with an older date to prove that such an essay is plagiarized, with all accompanying repercussions for students.

Note that our online essays for sale service provides you with many options. For example, you can submit an essay or paper that you have written and have a topic-field expert review and edit it, with explanations for each editing point. You then benefit from that guidance so that you improve your own writing skills and cut down on inefficient practices you have been engaged in.

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Benefits of Using Our Cheap Essays for Sale Service

As stated earlier, some of the greatest strengths of our service are professional writers, proficiency in various spheres, and your ability to supervise and guide order completion by collaborating with the writer. There is more. We have developed a workflow that is comfortable for both clients and us. Here are benefits you receive with every descriptive essay for sale:

  • Free and unlimited revisions. Request revisions for free if you deem quality unsatisfactory or if you notice deviations from provided instructions. Let your writer know asap what part needs changes.
  • Money-back guarantee. Claim a refund if all revision attempts fail. The latter is highly unlikely, as quality is our number one priority. Our quality assurance team will review your request and make a decision.
  • Discount system. We have discounts for returning clients and for new clients. Every customer receives 5% after getting 5+ papers, 10% after getting 10+ essays, and so on.
  • Customer support service. Support agents are ready to assist with any issues you come across while placing request, making payments, and learning about essay progress.  
  • Safe payments and full confidentiality. Your private data is encrypted and never shared with third parties. It is also not accessible to our writers – they only know you by a unique ID that is assigned to you when joining the platform.

Why Choose Us
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How to Receive Papers on Time

Wherever you are located on our website, the “Order Now” button is always accessible at the top right corner. 

We suggest you create an account first and then, when you are ready, place an order. This will save you time during the ordering process.

Price is calculated automatically based on your request. In the description rubric, instead of a laconic “please write my essay for me“ plea, provide a detailed task description so that we have all info needed to start searching for the most suitable writer right away. You are encouraged to upload any supporting files, to specify formatting style, sources to be used, length in pages. The word count contained in a single-spaced or double-spaced page is displayed in the corresponding section.

Note that there are many parameters you can manipulate to ensure you also get a cheap essay for sale among which the most important is the deadline. There isn’t a great price difference in the case of a 6-day vs a 14-day deadline but there is a much greater difference in the case of a 6-day vs a 6-hour deadline. By placing your essay writing request in advance, you have the chance to cut down the costs dramatically. When you get your syllabi from your instructions at the beginning of each semester, choose those essays and papers you really don’t want to do yourself, and place your orders for them. The more time you give us, the cheaper the cost to you.

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Essays for Sale Online by Expert Writers

As explained above, ordering an essay for sale online from our service means that you will get a paper that satisfies all the requirements described in your instructions. As for the quality of execution, you are entrusting yourself to rigorously selected professionals with a solid writing experience backgrounds. Choose our platform to buy custom essay and you’ll find out what makes us such a popular service with students.




This was my first time using their services. Very professional. My essay scored a perfect score! I will use them again without a doubt. Nice job!!! Highly recommended.

Tell us about your experience with our services, leave your feedback to get it featured.

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Are your essays for sale original?

Yes, our essays are 100% unique, since each one is created only after it has been ordered. The writer begins from scratch, based on your instructions. We do not offer pre written essays for sale to our customers. In fact, we don’t even have such things. Your requirements are unique to your assignment, and your writer will fulfill those requirements with original, customized pieces.

Once your essay or paper has been delivered, and once you have approved it and taken delivery, that piece of writing is deleted from our system. No one else will ever see it or have access to it.

Every written piece is also checked for plagiarism, using our own detection system, before it is delivered to a customer. If you or your instructor runs a Turnitin check once it is submitted, it will never show up there.

How do you pick a writer for me?

Once you upload the essay instructions, we start looking for a writer that has a formal degree in the corresponding discipline. We assign high-school-level papers to writers that have at least a Bachelor’s degree, while, for instance, Ph.D. level assignments are assigned to writers that have successfully earned a Ph.D. in your research field.

We have a huge database of writers. We plug in the specifications of your order and narrow the field to those who are qualified for the task. Then, we reach out to those writers to see who is available to meet your timeline. When you get your assigned writer, you can be confident that he/she meets all of the requirements to produce your ordered piece.

How and when do I make a payment?

The price of your essay will be automatically calculated while filling in the order placement form. Feel free to explore how altering each of the parameters in this form affects the final price. You can optimize these parameters to get the best price and value. When ready, all you have to do is to pay by choosing your preferred payment option. Your payment information is fully secure and payment is processed by a third-party SSL certified processor – one that many large online retailers use. We have never had a breach of customer financial information.

How do you guarantee my confidentiality?

Your personal data is maximally protected on our website and left only for a restricted number of operations, such as when we need to get in touch with you. Writers only see your unique ID, which is assigned to you when creating an account. If sharing some personal information is necessary to complete a certain essay for sale, you can rest assured that our writers are very aware of and carefully respect those strict policies we have in place regarding manipulation of personal data belonging to clients.

What makes writing essays so hard?

Different types of essays require somewhat different combinations of skills. Yet, to produce a complex writing assignment equivalent to these essay papers for sale, one would require a good number of solid abilities:

1)Finding appropriate sources;
2)Recognizing valuable information;
3)Arranging research data into logically flowing blocks,
formulating thoughts precisely and fitting them into sentences and phrases of a specified length with due respect for sentence-structure rules and grammar;
4)Deciding whether to include and where exactly to include each piece of information based on its importance or priority;
5)Analyzing data, which means dissecting it and extracting what is worth;
6)synthesizing information, organically combining it to produce a more comprehensive, more insightful, more concise, but still easily understandable essay.

There is much more going on in the process of writing. People aren’t even aware of all the processes that happen in the background of their minds, but writing is undoubtedly one of the most complex intellectual activities humans engage in. Apart from this, there are other pragmatic reasons that make it hard for students to write, like time deficit or a lack of interest in a discipline that is not in their major field but required by the institution in general education categories.

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