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Every student has to write essays, papers, and assignments for school and college. If yes, you may be looking for an essay plagiarism fixer for your papers. Find the best solution for all your plagiarism problems with Top Essay Writing.

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Reasons to Choose TopEssayWriting

This is what makes us trustworthy:


Any student with assignments in the English language or others may have experience with having to correct their papers. When you are in need of a plagiarism fixer online, you can rely on Top Essay Writing's 100% secure and confidential services that promise to keep your data encrypted. No one except for the respective parties can access your data.

Safe payment methods

Besides safeguarding your personal data, our team has constructed a website with various secure payment options to help you conduct your financial transactions safely. You will no longer have to be worried about making online payments for the services you are buying.

100% money-back guarantee

Top Essay Writing offers one thing that not a lot of other editing and writing companies do - a 100% money-back guarantee. This service is offered by our team so that customers can avail themselves in case they don't like the quality of work. Our writers work hard to give you the plagiarism-free content you need, along with revisions, before you need to use the 100% money-back guarantee.

On time delivery

Timely delivery is one of the features we pride ourselves on. Our clients keep coming back to us and recommending our services to their friends and loved ones because of our commitment to the timely delivery of work with zero plagiarism.

Plagiarism-free papers

No writing or editing company could produce high-quality content if they are not as committed to creating plagiarism-free writing as we do. Our writers provide students with the best and most efficient ways to remove plagiarism from a text with 100% originality and creativity.

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About our writers

Before you hire our services, you would want to know what kind of experts we employ to avoid and fix plagiarism in papers, essays, and more. Our writers and editors are English experts with a great grasp of grammar and a vast vocabulary. Most of these specialists come from an academic background in English or literature and use their knowledge and work experience to fix plagiarism in papers. Their unique perspective also gives students a valuable look into how a proper essay should be written. Our professional writers offer custom paper plagiarism-fixing services for students at all levels of school or college. They conduct original research and summarize information in a succinct manner to help students score well.

We Offer other Services to Finalize Your Paper

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Get Your Personal Plagiarism Fixer and Make Your Paper 100% Unique

Students start looking for plagiarism fixer in very specific circumstances. It happens when they write a paper, test it via plag checker, and see that it has a lot of plagiarized content. At the same time, they might get it back from their college professor with a warning to fix everything ASAP or risk failing the entire course. But where to find reliable websites that could provide you with a plagiarism free essay quickly and effectively? We are one of them. We've been working for almost 10 years now, and we know how vital originality is for academic essays. Our company has more than 100 editors active at every point in time, and they are prepared to help you out in under 6 hours.

Why Getting Someone Else's Input Is Important

Before you learn more about plagiarism checker and fixer, let's figure out why it is crucial to have another person read your paper. Even the best students-writers often need assistance. When you are working on an assignment, you perceive it in a very personal way. You don't really see mistakes because, in your mind, everything sounds logical and fluent. Not everyone can shed this bias and treat their paper objectively. Asking for someone else's perspective could bring you valuable insights, advice, and overall improvement of your writing.

On the one hand, you could simply ask a friend or a fellow classmate for assistance. They could read your paper and you could read theirs, exchanging recommendations. But sometimes it's better to look for professional help. Friends won't be able to advise you on things like how to fix plagiarism, and naturally, they aren't qualified enough to assess what you wrote ideally. Our editing and custom research paper writing service could supply you with top fixers in different fields who would follow your demands and share their professional feedback with you.

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I put my paper into plag scanner like two hours before the due date and saw that it’s 42%. I’d’ve been more careful but I was in a rush. Thank you for accepting my task and doing superb work!

Tell us about your experience with our services, leave your feedback to get it featured.

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What Our Essay Fixer Could Do for Improving Your Work

When students contact us and ask for help, they often don't know what exactly they're going to gain. They have vague ideas and big hopes. To give you clarity, we're going to list everything our fixer will change if you hire them for editing purposes.

1) Structure. The way you structure your content, including paragraphs, can enhance or hinder reading comprehension. If a paper has endlessly long walls of text, rambling sentences, no proper openings, and closings, then it won't sound good. Rearranging and re-writing these elements is one of the first tasks our essay fixers will do. They will make the length of each paragraph correspond to academic standards, craft perfect opening and closing sentences, as well as tweak their length. In most cases, minimal size of one sentence is 10 words; maximum size is 35 words.

2) Plagiarism. If the content becomes more or less comprehensive, our essay fixer online proceeds to focus on the degree of its originality. Based on most college and university requirements, about 10% of borrowings are acceptable, but only as long as everything is cited properly. Anything more will result in a penalty. Our experts check an essay via our plag checker and start re-writing or removing stolen sentences. They decrease the amount of plagiarism to the required percentage and test it again. After making sure that everything looks fine now, they move on to the next stage.

3) Citations and formatting. This part is closely related to the previous one. Our plagiarism fixer corrects formatting and adds page numbers, dates, or names of the authors where needed. They fix quotation marks and make everything look like it has to depending on the style you ordered, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. They also work on a reference list, situating entries in the correct order, adjusting punctuation, and adding required information.

4) Grammar. The fourth stage our plagiarism checker and rewriter does is fix grammar. You might be perfectly fluent in English, but it won't protect you from making mistakes even by pure accident. Typos, incorrect tense usage, mixed phrases, punctuation issues — our experts are trained well enough to catch even the smallest problems.

5) Style. After our fixer finishes working on your paper and make it unique, plagiarism has all gone, they start taking care of a writing style. It might be too informal, such as having idioms, phrasal verbs, personal pronouns, and other things like this. In case you ordered a university level but your style is more of a high school category, they'll make it more complex, expanding vocabulary and using more intricate expressions.

If students have any other requests when they order essay papers for sale, they should feel free to tell us. We are always here to listen, and it is our goal to meet as well as exceed your expectations. Give us a list of your demands and we'll take care of them.

Format of your essay

We can also format it according to your specific requirements

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How to Hire Plagiarism Changer Here

When you visit our website and decide you would like to place an order, you might wonder how to do that. It's easy! There are five simple steps that stretch from filling in an order form to getting your paper. This is how you should start:

1) Explain what you need. When you open the front page of our website, online order form will be the first thing you'll see on your right side. Choose the type of service you require. This could be “do my dissertation”, “term paper,” or “editing”. You also have to pick number of pages, deadline, and academic level. The price will be reflected below the box, so you'll be able to see whether you find it satisfying or if you need to adjust some parameters to make it smaller.

2) Click “order now” and add a couple of details. After you click the green button, you'll be taken to a more detailed order form, with some of your previous choices already reflected in it. Indicate what title your paper should have, what academic style you want your plagiarism checker and changer to use, and which spacing you'd prefer. Provide some info about yourself, such as your email and name; then upload relevant files. If you want us to correct plagiarism, give us the work and we'll figure it out.

3) Pay for your essay. For plagiarism remover to start working, they need to be sure they'll be paid. That's why we maintain a balance: clients pay for their order by choosing one of their preferred payment methods and we store this money. We don't give it to your writer until they complete the entire work and you confirm you're happy with it.

4) Wait until your deadline and check your inbox. Now clients should wait until we're done working on their papers. During this period, they could ask their writers or editors about their progress. We suggest checking your inbox for possible messages. The sooner you reply to a fixer's inquiry, the more effective their work is going to be. When your deadline arrives, rest assured that your essay will be waiting for you.

5) Give your stamp of approval. If you asked us to restructure your paper and remove plagiarism, take a look at what we've done. What are your thoughts? Check an essay and tell us whether you like it. If you feel like something is wrong, we need to know about it ASAP so that we could make corrections, so let us know.

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If Students Hire Us to Remove Plagiarism, This Is What They Get

While our primary goal is to find a perfect academic helper for you, we also want you to receive the best client experience in general. The way to achieve this is by establishing the biggest number of advantages and customer-friendly policies. Here are some of them.

  • 24/7 support team. If you plan on asking for our plagiarism changer's help, do it any time. Our operators are loyal to our clients and they stay online every hour of each day. You can see how many of them are currently working on our website. Drop them a message and they'll reply very quickly, offering replies to your questions.
  • Chat with your writer/editor. TopEssayWriting gives students a chance to speak with their writer or plag fixer directly. Contact them whenever you need them and ask your question. This is a special feature that not many other companies offer — they engage customer support in interactions between a client and their fixer.
  • No plagiarism. If students wonder how to remove plagiarism from a document, we are the answer. Our specialists use a range of tactics to achieve total originality, including rewriting, paraphrasing, citations, and others.
  • Confidentiality. We guard your interests with your data. No one is ever gaining access to it, we protect it by encoding it and keeping it out of reach even from our own employees.
  • High quality guaranteed. Our quality assurance team helps ascertain that clients are pleased with the level of work we provide. If any disputes take place, they resolve them with objectivity and integrity. Let's imagine students asked us to eliminate plagiarism from their work, but our fixer messed something up. As a result, they still see glaring 30% of plag in a paper. Contact us and tell us about this, and our managers will react instantly. You'll receive free revision or refund depending on your preference.

Some students prefer to rely on automatic plagiarism remover online instead of hiring a human fixer. Yes, this method has its advantages, but nothing can be compared with real help. Machines are flawed — they could easily miss something. Or on the contrary, they might show that something is plagiarism while it's not. Having somewhere to complain, explain what you wish, and find support is vital for getting the best results.

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What Kind of Plag Fixer You Should Expect

At TopEssayWriting, for removing plagiarism, we use two teams at once. Writers who are qualified enough to work on editing orders do their job, removing every instance of borrowed content. When they submit their essay, quality assurance team joins in. They scan it for an extra plagiarism check. Only if everything is satisfying, the paper is sent to you. Our employees are people with relevant education who successfully passed various tests, so your order is in safe hands.

Turn Your Paper Unique With Professional Fixer

Now you know how to get rid of plagiarism: by choosing the right people to help out. TopEssayWriting is close by 24/7: explain your requirements and we'll be happy to take care of them. We can find plagiarism fixer for you regardless of your subject, size of project, or academic level. Contact our team and let us help you! We guarantee we won't let you down — our policies are there for ensuring this.


What Amount Of Plagiarism Is Acceptable?

How Do You Avoid Plagiarism In An Essay?

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