A Brief History of the United States

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Many factors contributed to the historical change, namely politics, environment, leaders, ideologies, economics, and religion. They influenced a specific region either directly or indirectly. For instance, some leaders in the past used religions to bring people together since they play a central role in uniting individuals. However, the most critical force behind historical change is politics.

The politics of a particular place significantly affects how people interact with one another. For example, from 1803-1856, British colonies experienced tension emanating from the system of determining the powers of governors in the centralized government (Foundations of American Government). At this point, the British did not have elected assembly, and residents were supposed to follow harsh laws and censorship. The relationship between leaders and police officers enabled colonists to set rules that were to be followed by others. As a result, British colonies were under harsh regulations established by the political system of their colonizers.

Spanish arrived in the United States of America (USA) in 1492 where they had well-organized political systems. In particular, the USA leadership did not perceive it as a threat since many Spanish settlers migrated to the country as traders of silver and gold. However, the population increased tremendously from 1850-1950 and started taking over some parts of the USA (Foundations of American Government). The primary advantage of the Spanish colonists is that they had money, which helped them to acquire resources they wanted to suppress residents of their colonies. Furthermore, the Spanish political system was spreading fast since leaders were organized.

To sum up, although historical change is caused by various forces, the most critical one is politics. In reality, political systems are the ones who significantly affect the history of a place depending on their governorship.

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November 13, 2023


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