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Feminism refers to the global belief that women and men are entitled to equal treatment, opportunities, social rights, and respect. Feminists are people who recognize the social inequity based on gender and work tirelessly to prevent it from happening again (Pennington, 2016). Feminist characteristics include pointing out that men have received more opportunities than women in most civilizations. Furthermore, feminists examine men's and women's personal experiences through gender identification, stratification, and roles anchored in community operation. Furthermore, feminists argue that sex differences between males and females are minimal, and that these differences should not be used to justify or explain gender segregation (Pennington, 2016).  According to feminism, men and women should be judged as individuals but not on their sex. Further, feminists support equal rights and fight discrimination and prejudice that get way to women. There is a characteristic of respecting family as the social institution among feminists hence they endorse reproductive liberty for all females. Besides, feminists have open-minded feelings to all people and feature as long as those traits do not hurt others (Pennington, 2016). Additionally, people who support feminism theory are intolerant to any segregation of any faction of human beings and desire to talk about justice in every step irrespective of preferences or personal affiliations (Pennington, 2016).

Most of people are reluctant to identify themselves as feminists because many individuals misunderstand the aim of feminism hence imagining all feminists as angry and bitter females who want to subjugate males. Furthermore, there are negative connotations that feminist are conventional man-hating protesters who believe that males are the cause of problems in the world (Pennington, 2016). Also, some of the feminists fear to be rejected by their communities due to the fight against social practices that hinder women from equal rights as men.


Pennington, E. (2016). Feminist Eschatology: Embodied Futures. Milton: Taylor and Francis.

April 26, 2023

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