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Due to ABC Industries' bad results, the shareholders have agreed to make a decision that may help settle the matter. The company's owners have agreed to combine it with XYZ industries. As we all know, this will result in a number of improvements within the business. This developments can have an effect on some of our company's workers in a variety of ways.

The merger agreement states that the corporation would maintain 80% of its workforce while laying off 20%. Employees will be laid off using an assessment process. The company has set new objectives and goals that should be met (Rigoard, pg. no 162). Employees who may fail to meet these objectives may be laid off. However, the employees may be called back to work if the company recovers back and enjoys a profit. Various packages have also been included in the salary packages. For example, there will be overtime bonuses and yearly bonuses.

Fellow colleagues, as we all know, tough times call for tough decisions. The decisions made by the shareholders are vital to building the future of the company. Let us work hard and be part of the successful team that has been formed. This new experience will help us build our careers. As your president, I will available in my office in case of any queries. You may also contact me using my office contact.

Thank you,


ABC industries.

Work cited

Bovée, Courtland L., and John V. Thill. "Writing negative messages." Business communication today (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall (2012).

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December 08, 2022

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